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People in Toronto were in total awe of last night's stunning sunset

As days get longer and temperatures get warmer, people in Toronto are increasingly finding reasons to leave their homes, get outside and enjoy all the beauty that mother nature has to offer. 

Sometimes that means soaking up some much-needed Vitamin D on a particularly sunny day, and other times it means grabbing your phone and snapping a photo of the extraordinary sunset unfolding above Toronto. 

Take last night, for example, when a colourful, bright and beautiful sunset descended upon the city and countless Toronto residents rushed to capture the moment.

The city certainly saw its fair share of stunning sunsets in the fall and early on this winter, but it had been a while since our skies turned multicoloured before dusk and people were evidently starved for the natural beauty. 

In true Toronto fashion, many residents took to social media to share photos of the natural phenomenon, and the results are a collection of pictures of a sky tinted with pink, orange, yellow, purple and red hues.

One resident remarked on Twitter that the colours changed so quickly between 6 and 6:30 p.m. that it actually felt like watching several different sunsets at once. 

And another pointed out that the colours resembled the transgender pride flag at one point.

Some also called the sunset a real "treat" to behold, and many of those who have been couped up in their homes for months on end with little to watch but Netflix would likely agree.

In the downtown core, photos show the sparkling sunset reflecting off the side of buildings, creating a different yet equally beautiful sight.

With a warmer-than-usual spring season on the horizon for Toronto after some exceptionally snowy weeks, it's no wonder residents are jumping at the opportunity to admire the incomparable beauty of nature. 

Here's hoping the coming weeks have even more to offer in the way of  exquisite natural beauty following this long, cold and dark pandemic winter.

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