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It's going to be 12 C in Toronto next week as spring-like weather returns

Toronto's weather has been anything but consistent lately, with spring-like weather making brief appearances only to be replaced by the chilly winds of winter that just won't quit

That trend is expected to continue for a little while longer, according to meteorologists from The Weather Network, but the final cold days of the season will fortunately be dispersed between warm glimpses of spring.

"After kicking off the month with dangerous snow squalls and blizzard-like conditions on Monday, soaring temperatures and the abundant sunshine that followed proved that signs of spring are definitely on the way across southern Ontario," reads a blog post published by TWN Thursday.

"As this time of year typically goes however, it'll be a battle of the air masses as winter attempts to keep its feet firmly planted. It is still the frosty season afterall, with a couple more weeks until the official kick-off to spring. This is the type of pattern that will require a bit of patience."

According to TWN's seven-day forecast, temperatures are expected to remain wintery over the next few days, with highs of 0 C, -2 C and 0 C expected for Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Monday will see slightly warmer temperatures, with a high of 5 C expected. 

"Tuesday and Wednesday will feel more like early April and there is even some overachieve potential in our temperatures forecast during the middle of next week," said meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham in the blog post.

"If we hold onto the sunshine and we can avoid having the wind blow off of Lake Ontario, we will see widespread double-digit temperatures."

Tuesday's high is expected to reach a spring-like 10 C, though some precipitation is anticipated, and Wednesday will likely see a stunning high of 12 C accompanied by a mix of sun and clouds. 

The spring-like trend is forecasted to continue into Thursday, with a high of 11 C and mostly sun expected.

But TWN is warning residents not to put away their winter clothes just yet, as Toronto usually records an average of 5 cm of snow during the month of April.

"As tempting as it can be to pack away the parkas, and think full spring with temperatures rising and the worst of winter behind us -- we know better," reads the blog post. "Spring can be a changeable season and one that can just as quickly bring us back into the heart of winter."

Still, a warmer-than-usual spring season is on the horizon, and after the cold and lonely pandemic winter we've all had to endure, that is most definitely reason for celebration.

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