abandoned boats toronto

This is what happens to boats when people leave them in Lake Ontario

An abandoned boat left to freeze in Lake Ontario angered some Toronto residents at Humber Bay Park this month.

The boat is tied to a public dock and appears to be damaged, likely due to recent frigid temperatures.

It was sinking last week, according to a post in the Humber Bay Shores Discussion Facebook group. People noticed the boat had been tied to public moorings over the last few months.

abandoned boats toronto

Officials checked out the boat recently but it was still there as of Feb. 12. Angela Brock photo

"Anybody know what the deal is with this boat? Been here a few months but now it's finally sunk," Michael Ventrella posted.

Several residents raised concerns about potential environmental hazards and Humber Bay Park becoming a dumping ground for old boats.

"Now the sunken boat is a biohazard as fluids might be leaking into the lake," one resident said.

abandoned boats toronto

The boat is tied to a public dock, which is only meant for brief stops. Photo by @torontopwc 

Others suggested the government would have to remove the boat.

"That's ok...tax payers will foot the bill for salvage as per usual," one person said.

While the boat is at a public dock, the City of Toronto told blogTO that Transport Canada is responsible for abandoned boats.

If the boat poses an immediate risk to public safety due to fire or explosion, people should call 911, according to Transport Canada.

Boats leaking fluid and posing an immediate threat to the environment are the responsibility of the Canadian Coast Guard.

abandoned boats toronto

The abandoned boat in Humber Bay may not be removed any time soon unless it is a hazard.  Photo by @torontopwc

Transport Canada's Navigation Protection Program will assist if the boat or wreck poses a potential, actual or immediate threat to safe navigation (because it makes navigation dangerous or blocks other boats from a passage).

If none of the above apply, then the Transport Canada's Navigation Protection Program can help locate the owner who is responsible for removing the boat.

abandoned boats

On Feb. 13 crews were removing the boat in Humber Bay.

Transport Canada was not immediately able to comment on the boat in Humber Bay but on the morning of Feb. 13 it was being removed with heavy equipment according to posts on Humber Bay Shores Discussion. 

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