full moon 2021

People were in awe while capturing photos of the full wolf moon in Toronto last night

The first full moon of 2021, a dramatic Wolf Moon, made its appearance in Toronto on Thursday night, casting an stunning glow over the frigid city.

Despite the coldest temperatures of the season so far, which plunged into the negative double digits in the city yesterday during an extreme cold weather alert, many residents ventured outside and onto balconies to catch some footage of the natural satellite and its beautifully illuminated face.

With the weather so characteristically wintry and the city in stringent lockdown, the moon peered over a pretty desolate scene, making for an admittedly eerie effect.

The passing cloud cover and winds only made for a more spine-tingling experience for those looking up (who, if outdoors, were already very likely chilled to the bone).

The full moon of January is referred to as the wolf moon because of Indigenous stories of hearing wolves howling at the moon more often this time of year.

Though the moon's peak was at 2:16 p.m. before the sun even set, it appeared full starting Wednesday night, and will continue to do so until Saturday morning...

...which means that if you missed out on glimpsing the moon last night, you'll still be able to tonight.

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