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Here's how to see the epic full wolf moon coming to Toronto this week

If you can brave the subzero temperatures in Toronto this week, you'll want to get outside to catch a glimpse of the first full moon of the year, a rare wolf moon that will take over the sky on Thursday.

The natural satellite's illuminated face will hit its peak at differing times around the globe over the course of today, depending on the time zone you're in when it hits its perfect position relative to the earth — in Toronto, it's going to be in its biggest expression earlier in the day before the sun actually sets, around 2:16 p.m.

But, the moon will look full for a longer duration of a few days, appearing full last night, tonight and Friday night before waning on Saturday morning.

To get the best experience, you'll want to face eastward — the opposite direction of the sun —just as it begins to get dark, as the moon will obviously shine brightest at night with no competition.

It will be in the constellation of Cancer as it is completely lit up by the sun opposite it, and will look the most dramatic if you're somewhere clear with little light pollution or cloud cover, and no buildings or other obstructions in your way. Getting up somewhere high is also always helpful.

The full moon of January is referred to as the wolf moon because Indigenous populations would recall hearing wolves howling at the moon more prevalently around this time of year.

If you miss out on this one, there's no need to worry, because there will likely be tons of photos on social media, as there was for the last full moon in December.

Also, the next full moon, which is known as the snow moon, will arrive on Feb. 27 — and hopefully the weather will be a touch more mild and thus lend itself better to moongazing by then.

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