Chorley Park

Chorley Park in Toronto leads to incredible views of the Don River Valley

Chorley Park, located in Toronto's Rosedale neighbourhood, is where to find a winding trail leading into the picturesque Don River Valley. 

Even before you enter the trail, you'll be able to look out over the bends of the walkway below from the park that's situated high up above the valley. 

chorley park

The views of the Don River Valley start at Chorley Park. 

There are also a number of picnic tables and benches throughout the neighbourhood park, providing plenty of picnic spots for the warmer months. 

chorley park

You'll find lots of picnic tables and benches throughout the park. 

Full of large old-growth trees, it's certainly a spot you could spend a bit of extended time on a warm summer day. 

chorley park

The natural park is also home to an impressive amount of forest canopy and old-growth trees. 

There's a staircase as well as a pathway leading down to the trail that connects to the Don Valley Brick Works, the Beltline Trail and Moore Park Ravine

chorley park

Both a stairway and a pathway lead from the park to the Chorley Park Trail Connection. 

At the very start of the trail, you can venture off to the nature trail portion, a steep dirt path that runs down the hill beside the paved one. 

chorley park

The winding trail will connect you to the Don Valley Brick Works, the Beltline Trail, as well as Moore Park Ravine. 

Though I wouldn't recommend this route as it can get very muddy as well as icy depending on the weather, it might be helpful to know that you can also enter or exit the trail from this way under the arched bridge. 

chorley park

There's also a dirt path that leads down the ravine though this walkway can get messy due to weather conditions. 

As you walk along the paved trail, make sure to stick to the pathway so as to not disturb the new trees and shrubs that are growing in the area. 

chorley park

Stay on the paved trail to avoid disrupting the new trees and shrubs that are growing in the area. 

The short walk down into the ravine offers plenty of views. 

chorley park

The Don River Valley seems to spread out forever from the high-up vantage point of the trail. 

The entrance to Evergreen Brick Works at the bottom of the trail is currently closed off so you can continue north to continue to explore the trails in the area. If you head in this direction, you'll also be able to access the Beltline and Moore Park. 

chorley park

The main entrance to Don Valley Brick Works is currently closed off but you can still access the trails by heading in either direction. 

Or you can take the slightly shorter route south. This direction follows the Mud Creek

chorley park

Heading south toward Brick Works, you'll be following the Mud Creek. 

The Brick Works is currently closed but the trails in the area through the ponds, which will be frozen right around this time of the year, are still open for business.

chorley park

There are multiple boardwalk trails through the ponds. 

A well-loved observation point by the locals in the area, the Governor's Bridge Lookout, provides vast views of the Don River Valley and the skyline. On a clear day, the CN Tower is perfectly in view. 

Make sure to respect the park during your visit by picking up your trash to leave the area just as beautiful as you found it. 

chorley park

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Olivia Little 

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