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Woman at Toronto Walmart removes mask to cough on fellow shopper

Video footage is circulating this week of a heated dispute between two shoppers at a Walmart store in Toronto — one of whom tried to go down an aisle in the opposite direction of an arrow on the floor and another who freaked the heck out over this beyond any sort of reason.

Nineteen-year-old Roxanna, who filmed the clip, says she was simply trying to buy some baby food at the Jane and Wilson Walmart last Wednesday when she was verbally attacked by the latter customer.

"She was yelling at a few black kids and I could not go to the other side because there was a big line, so I saw her yelling and I was like 'ok well I'm gonna pass by her so I can go and turn down the other side to buy my son baby food,'" Roxanna told blogTO.

"She was like I'm not letting you pass, NO NO NO, I pulled my phone out to record her."

The resulting video starts with a woman getting right up in Roxanna's face, screaming profanities and telling her to go around.

"I'm in a walker and I'm going the right way!" the woman shouts, slapping the walker in front of her.

The camera person can be heard explaining that she's just trying to grab some baby food for her son (the aisle she would have had to use to walk around was blocked with customers waiting in line to check out.)


The woman continues to scream at Roxanna, repeating "Do you understand?" and "The arrow goes that way!"

After hurling a few more insults, the angry woman permits the young mother to pass — or at least it seemed like she would for a second.

As Roxanna walks by, the woman removes her mask and coughs directly in her face. Ironically, the woman in the pink coat accuses the young mother of "making people sick."

The two shoppers exchange insults as people in the background shout various things that can't quite be made out. Roxanna eventually backs out of the aisle after being openly coughed on.

Video footage from the encounter hit 6ixbuzz on Friday and commenters have been arguing ever since over who was in the wrong here — and whether or not anyone actually follows grocery store arrows.

"Okay, Karen went wild for no reason, but like, just follow the arrows? Can't be that hard," wrote one.

"The girl could of went into the other aisle, looped around to the same aisle as the crazy bitch and stood in the same area," said another. What did all that accomplish? Nothing, 'cause the girl would be in the same spot as where all this started. Facts."

"You passing me is getting people sick, but me coughing in your face is cool?" wrote another still, pointing out the hypcocrisy, to which the video's uploader replied "my point."

Said one funny guy: "We need a vaccine for Karenavirus."

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