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10 notable businesses that closed in Toronto last month

Toronto businesses that closed within the last month included some that were close to people's hearts. Neighbourhood institutions like pubs and bars continue to struggle, so make sure you support your favourite haunt safely or you may never hang out there again.

Here are the most notable businesses that closed in Toronto last month.

Wayne Gretzky's

This restaurant that's been around for 27 years dropped the price of all their menu items to just $5 before they finally closed on Oct. 8 as a final splashy farewell.

Old Nick

This pub on the Danforth that was around for 15 years wasn't active during the pandemic, but made the painful announcement that they'd be closing for good this past month.


This fashion store is saying goodbye to its space on Carlaw in Leslieville, but a cafe space on Queen East will continue to operate.

Brass Taps

The Danforth location of this beloved pizza pub is no more. More than a place for pizza and beer, they were known as a local hangout. A College location under different management lives on.

The Walton

This bar was only around in Little Italy for five years, but made a major impression with its amazing back patio, great cocktails and delicious snacks.


This design store was known for making and selling the cutest items, but sadly had to leave their home in Koreatown suddenly following a blowout flash sale.

Spice Indian Bistro

While there's conflicting information over whether this Corktown restaurant shut down because of a landlord dispute or just COVID-19, one thing that's for sure is diners are going to miss the biryani from this place.

Pete's Corner Grill

This Parkdale business got the devastating news not long ago that they'd have to vacate their space before October was through. Known for their old school style, the restaurant had been around for over 10 years.

Victorian Monkey

This Scarborough pub announced in October that they would be closing their doors for good. The local hangout spot had cocktails, pub food, and a steampunk vibes with lots of games and puzzles lying around.

Pickle Barrel

The location of this mega chain at Yonge and Dundas has shut down suddenly with no warning or formal announcement, a vast liquidation sale the only clue that the business was leaving the premises.

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Wayne Gretzky's

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