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Here's the list of all streets in Toronto that could get dedicated transit lanes

Even though Americans apparently already think Toronto is a model for amazing public transit — I mean, the TTC did win Outstanding Public Transportation System in North America a few years ago — Torontonians have historically complained a lot about our bus, streetcar and subway service, from its overcrowding and delays to aggressive fare inspectors to Presto malfunctions.

But, the city is constantly improving and expanding our transit network, which has lost hundreds of millions due to COVID-19, including trying out new options that expedite service while also making the city less car-focused and more pedestrian, commuter and cyclist-friendly.

One of the things planned for the TTC is more transit priority corriders, which include dedicated bus lanes like the ones that were rolled out in Scarborough this fall, and an extension of the project formerly known as the King Street Pilot to more of King Street, and some of Queen as well.

According to the City, there is "a need to increase transit priority throughout the city through priority measures on selected bus and streetcar routes," and these measures can vary to include not just reserved or dedicated lanes for buses and streetcars, but also priority signals at main intersections, and a limit or full moratorium on on-street parking during part or all of the day.

20 key routes have already been identified for such measures, based on ridership volume, connectivity to other lines, population and employment growth in the area and how easy they would be to update.

Most of them are not slated for completion until sometime between 2023 and 2031 after a year of engineering studies, and another year of design and public consultations.

The routes and their projected years of completion are as follows:

  • Don Mills Road/Overlea Blvd./Pape Ave. between Steeles and Danforth — delivery in 2026
  • Dufferin between Wilson and Dufferin Gate — delivery in 2024
  • Eglinton Ave. E/Kingston Road/Morningside between Kennedy Station and Ellesmere Road — complete
  • Finch Ave. E between Yonge and McCowan — delivery in 2023
  • Finch Ave. W between Keele and Yonge — delivery in 2025
  • Jane Street between Steeles Ave. W and Eglinton Ave. W — delivery in 2021
  • Keele between Steeles and Bloor — delivery in 2027
  • King Street between Roncesvalles and the Don Valley Parkway — delivery in 2028
  • Kiping Ave. between Steeles and Kipling Station — delivery in 2031
  • Lawrence Ave. E between Don Mills Road and Port Union — delivery in 2024 
  • Lawrence Ave. W/Scarlett Road/Dixon Road between Highway 27 and Yonge — delivery in 2030
  • Markham Road between Steeles and Kintson Road — delivery in 2029
  • McCowan Road between Steles and Danforth — delivery in 2031
  • Queen Street between Roncesvalles and Victoria Park — delivery in 2028
  • Sheppard Ave. E between Don Mills Station and Kingston Road — delivery in 2027
  • Sheppard Ave. W between Weston and Yonge — delivery in 2025
  • Steeles Ave. W between Jane and Yonge — delivery in 2023
  • Victoria Park Ave. between Steeles and Kingston Road — delivery in 2026
  • Wilson Avenue between Humber College and Yonge — delivery in 2030
  • York Mills Road/Ellesmere Road between Yonge and Kingston Road — delivery in 2029

The work will also, notably, include "public realm improvements" to stops and curbside areas.

"A reliable comprehensive surface transit network is essential to enable people to move around the city and access employment, business/retail, education and recreational/cultural facilities. 70% of all journeys on the TTC currently include a trip on surface transit," the city's general manager of transportation services says in a report on the subject.

"When transit vehicle travel times and reliability are improved, customer satisfaction and attraction to transit are improved. A network of surface transit priority corridors improves the resiliency of the city's transit system by providing viable transit alternatives to passengers."

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