IKEA Christmas trees

IKEA has been giving away hundreds of free Christmas trees in Toronto

In the true spirit of giving, IKEA have been giving away free Christmas trees to customers this weekend at their Queensway location in Etobicoke.

Normally, IKEA customers would be given a $25 coupon in exchange for purchasing a $25 tree from IKEA, but not this year.

Since IKEA stores have shut down for in-store shopping due to the lockdown in Toronto, this location has decided to give the live trees away, so they don't go to waste. 

According to IKEA's website, "due to recent store closures to support the immediate public health concerns of COVID-19, IKEA Etobicoke, North York and Winnipeg will not be selling Christmas trees."

IKEA Christmas trees

While they were originally being offered to customers who were already participating in IKEA Etobicoke's "click and collect" curbside pickup, news of free trees quickly spread.

In order to offer as many people a tree as possible, customers were limited to two Christmas trees each. Any remaining trees are expected to be donated.

IKEA Christmas trees

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Anastasiya Romanska

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