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Anti-maskers held a pro-Trump parade in Toronto this weekend

As Ontario continues to hit daily records for numbers of new COVID-19 cases and Toronto hesitantly prepares to open indoor dining and other recently-shuttered settings in a matter of days, anti-maskers hit the city's streets once again this weekend to protest pandemic lockdown restrictions — and also to apparently express their support for U.S. President Donald Trump.

Hundreds took part in the March for Freedom rally starting at Dundas Square on Saturday, which coincided with another march in the Ontario town of Aylmer, some two hours southwest.

Unprepared for such an event in the way that a bigger city like Toronto can be, the small community actually declared a state of emergency leading up to the event.

Meanwhile, in T.O., residents simply looked on and took to social media to laugh at and/or complain about the demonstrators, who are really getting on everyone's collective nerves, especially with infection numbers remaining so high in recent weeks.

The Trump aspect in particular had Torontonians rollicking given that President-Elect Joe Biden's win was projected by some sources on Friday and confirmed by many others throughout the day on Saturday, with pro-Trumpers all the while waving their flags and sporting their MAGA hats in either ignorance, denial or rejection of the defeat.

Like similar events, this one was organized by The Line Canada, a group that calls the government's measures to reduce the spread of the virus oppressive and tyrannical.

The Line vows to conduct rallies in Dundas Square every Saturday for the foreseeable future, as well as motorcade convoys around the city every Sunday to urge politicians to end the lockdown and encourage people to reject the "new" normal of masks in indoor public places, business closures, capacity and gathering limits, etc.

Participants' vocal support of Trump is, to many, unsurprising, despite the fact that we are, you know, in Canada and all.

Mothers Against Distancing, an organization led by notorious anti-masker Chris Saccoccia a.k.a. Sky, seems to have been less active in events and on social media since Saccoccia and his wife were last month arrested and charged for not quarantining after overseas travel.

As per the federal Quarantine Act, they could face fines up to $1,000,000 and jail time, especially seeing as they violated quarantine to attend their own anti-lockdown rallies almost immediately after landing in Toronto from Europe.

Between the fact that Toronto Mayor John Tory today expressed further concern about the direction that COVID-19 numbers in the city are going in, that the city's top doctor hinted that current restrictions may not even be lessened as soon as planned, and that Trump sorely lost, the anti-maskers will undoubtedly have even more to be angry about when they take to the streets again this coming weekend.

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