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This is what parking enforcement is being done in Toronto during COVID-19

Parking enforcement in Toronto is more lax than ever thanks to the COVID-19 quarantine, but some are still confused as to what's being enforced and what isn't. 

To be clear: not all parking violation enforcement has been suspended, only certain bylaws. 

To answer our burning questions, parking enforcement's most active social media user, Patrol Officer Erin Urquhart, hit TikTok to do the nope/yup challenge: Toronto parking edition. 

"We have relaxed on A LOT of enforcement, and suspended a handful of bylaws but that does not mean we aren't enforcing at all," tweeted out Toronto Police Service Parking with the video. 

TPS Parking Enforcement have been advised to use discretion to "accommodate the changing needs of our city", especially in regards to those working from home, caring for others, or delivery people. 

Since March 18, the City has suspended ticketing bylaws for the following:

  • On-Street Permit Parking Areas
  • On-Street Time Limit Offences such as 1, 2, and 3 Hour Parking
  • North York Winter Maintenance Bylaw
  • Expired Vehicle Validation License Plates
  • Boulevard Parking
  • School Zones with posted No Stopping/No Standing/No Parking signage

But that doesn't let you off the hook for all areas of the city. 

TPS Parking is still responding to complaints in areas with suspended bylaws, meaning residential areas aren't totally free game, if the neighbours are complaining. 

Rush hour routes, while being handled with "the highest level of discretion", are still being monitored. 

"Only when an offence is having a significant negative impact on traffic flow in the immediate area will an infraction notice be issued. Also, the impounding of vehicles from rush hours routes will only be undertaken as a last resort," says the TPS Traffic Services.

Meanwhile, parking on Toronto streets that require payment through Green P is still being enforced.

So is parking in bike lanes: settle your car in one (and yes, that applies to delivery services too)  and risk getting fined $150 on the spot. Or, try to run away and get your fine in the mail.

Also not advised: verbally abusing enforcement officers before speeding away. 

Other high priority areas like crosswalks and by fire hydrants are also still being enforced. 

All parking lots in City Parks are closed to deter people from gathering and blatantly disregarding physical distancing rules, meaning any vehicles found parked there will be given tickets or towed. 

There's no clear end to these altered parking rules in the city, but unless you're travelling for an essential purpose, you shouldn't be in a car anyway. 

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