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Toronto police take down knife-wielding man in dramatic video clips

Intense video footage is circulating this morning of Toronto Police chasing, running over and eventually apprehending a robbery suspect who'd been brandishing a large knife near Bathurst and King.

Police say they responded to reports of "a knife point robbery" in the Bathurst Street and King Street West area around 6:09 p.m. on Sunday, April 12.

With little else to do in the midst of a pandemic-induced lockdown, residents of nearby condo buildings were quick to turn on their cameras and film what turned into a dramatic police takedown.

The earliest clips posted online appear show a knife-wielding man arguing with someone on Bathurst Street, just south of King, outside what used to be the Chill Ice House.

As two police cruisers pull up to the scene, the suspect drops some bags and begins chasing the individual as police pursue him on foot.

At least one officer appears to pull out a weapon just as the group moves out of frame.

In another video shot closer to Front Street, the man can be seen running toward police officers while holding out a knife.

At least 13 cops try to encircle and chase the man, but maintain their distance as he flees around a corner.

At one point, the suspect runs in front of and gets bumped by a police cruiser but continues running away.

A third, more contentious video shows a police cruiser literally running the knife-wielding suspect over as runs east on Front Street.

The disturbing footage shows a cruiser pulling up to and pushing the man for a short time before he gets pulled under. Officers are then able to surround and apprehend the suspect on the ground.

Witnesses say that police had previously tried using their tasers to subdue the suspect, but that he didn't go down.

Members of the public have been expressing their alarm over the incident on Twitter ever since, and are calling upon Toronto Police to explain how and why the man was run over.

The Toronto Police Service has not yet directly addressed what happened with the cruiser, but said in a news release late Sunday night that the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has been notified and has "invoked their mandate."

The SIU is an arm's length police watchdog agency that investigates all reports involving suspect death, serious injury or allegations of sexual assault.

This particular suspect was taken to hospital with injuries following his arrest, according to TPS, as was one police officer.

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