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Signs on the Danforth show just how much life has changed in Toronto's Greektown

The streets are deserted, the TTC is eerily quiet, and all across Toronto, storefronts are riddled with signs saying 'closed'. 

In the wake of heightened measures against the global pandemic, it feels like the city has come to a standstill as restaurants, bars, and all other non-essential businesses in Ontario have been ordered to shutter to help fight COVID-19. 

danforth toronto coronavirusIt's definitely not business-as-usual and won't be for a while, according to public health officials — a fact that's particularly noticeable in areas like the Danforth, where small and independently-run businesses abound. 

danforth toronto coronavirusPape station feels near-abandoned right now, except for some activity in the upper bus platform. 

danforth toronto coronavirusTake a walk through Greektown, usually bustling with foot traffic, and you'll find the sheer number of closure notices staggering. 

danforth toronto coronavirusThe Danforth BIA, considered a pretty tight-knit stretch of shops in the city, has been known to come together during hard times, and it seems this era of coronavirus is no different. 

danforth toronto coronavirusScores of businesses have posted up signs alerting their regulars that they'll be closed for the foreseeable future, which is handy for those who might mot be logged in to social media platforms for IG updates and the like. 

danforth toronto coronavirusBeauty businesses like Urban Nails and Rosy Nails which all require close physical contact, have been closed since last week. Same goes for clothing stores like Body Blue or Becker's Bridals.

danforth toronto coronavirusThe pub favourite Auld Spot, oragnic Mediterranean eatery Rikkochez, and new Danforth arrival Herby Restaurant have all announced temporary closures.

danforth toronto coronavirusSo has Zed 80, which is a shame, because some arcade games to pass the time sounds pretty good right about now. Their sign says #BeNiceToEachOther, in case we needed a reminder (we might in a few weeks). 

danforth toronto coronavirus7 Numbers has a particularly good sign: "Closed (for obvious reasons). Mamma Rosa is bored and basically just making lasagna pans 2 at a time so I think we are having a lasagne sale next week."

At least that's some good news coming out of a not-so-great Toronto moment.

Photos by

Fareen Karim

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