video breaking in toronto house

Wild video shows people breaking into Toronto house and stealing car

Videos and photos of thieves stealing packages off people's porches in Toronto have surfaced in recent days, but footage of two people breaking into a house and stealing a car definitely takes the cake for least considerate thing to do to someone over the holidays — or ever. 

Lee K. was at home in Rosedale on Monday when he heard a loud smash downstairs at about 4 a.m.

"The glass break from the mallet was so loud that I thought a tree fell onto my roof," he said. 

He quickly ran downstairs with his three dogs and saw the shattered glass at his front door. It was then that he realized his home had been broken into.  

"My first thought was, 'I need to get the dogs away from the broken glass,'" he said.  "I then noticed that the door was unlocked and didn't know if an intruder was still in the house, so I called 911 immediately."

Only once the police arrived and they watched the security footage together did they realize it had been a quick in-and-out break-in and that they had stolen his car.

The disturbing security footage shows two men breaking the front window with a mallet before reaching in, unlocking the door, entering the house, grabbing the car keys and driving off. 

"Incidentally, they accidentally smashed the car into a neighbour's parked car a few streets over... so the car is now in a police lot," he said.

Unfortunately, the thieves have yet to be identified. And Lee K. says this isn't an isolated situation. 

"There have been three break-and-enters on my street in the past two weeks," he said, adding that he lives on Binscarth Rd. and nearby Roxborough Dr. has also been targeted. 

"My wife and I had a perception of Rosedale being such a safe neighbourhood but the reality is that things like this can and do happen everywhere. "

By sharing the video, Lee K. said he hopes to both raise awareness about this issue as well as find out if anyone might recognize the perpetrators from the footage.

"My wife was out of town at the time, but needless to say we were both alarmed and unsettled by how brazen thieves have become in the neighbourhood," he said.

"We were used to thieves breaking into our cars by using an electronic unlocking device to steal possessions and loose change, but this affirmed that thieves are advancing to the next level."  

Lead photo by

Lee K. 

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