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Toronto is getting Canada's first-ever dog prom

They've got their own schools, beauty salons, fashion boutiques, dating apps and even beer — so why shouldn't our canine companions have their very own proms?

The Canadian dog rescue organization Redemption Paws is answering that question with a solid "THEY SHOULD" next Friday during a first-of-its-kind event in Toronto.

Called the "Dog Prom," the event is... well, prom for dogs and dog lovers — much like your traditional high school human prom, but cuter and with less teen vomit.

I'm talking fancy dog outfits, photo booths, raffle prizes, swag bags, nostalgic hit songs from the 80s, 9s and 00's — they'll even be naming a prom king and queen. A dog prom king and queen.

Human chaperones are welcome and encouraged to come along with their pups (or alone) to the Redwood Theatre on May 24. Tickets are 100 per cent free for dogs, but people must pay between $30 and $50 to get in.

Not bad for tickets to Canada's first ever dog prom — especially given that this prom has an open bar. Plus, the group is raising funds for an incredible cause.

"The event is in celebration of dogs and dog lovers to raise money in support of the rescue missions the organization undertakes," reads a release from Redemption Paws, a registered Canadian charity.

"Founded in 2017 in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Redemption Paws focuses on helping areas impacted by climate change and natural disasters," the release continues.

"A private organization not affiliated with any other local or national rescue, nor is funded by tax dollars, has helped rescue and re-home over 500 dogs in the past year and a half.

Not able to make it? You can still get involved with Redemption Paws by applying to adopt a pooch of your own, or by signing up to volunteer.

As organizers make sure to point out, "you do not need a dog to attend or have a good time" — though adoptable dogs will be present at the event, so you may just fall in love and go home with one either way.

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