New subway stations

Toronto is loving its new subway stations

At long last, the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension is open for business – and business is booming (or would have been, if the entire subway line weren't free to ride yesterday).

Thousands of people flocked to the brand new portion of Line 1 on Sunday for a first look at Toronto's most significant subway expansion in nearly 40 years.

The additional 8.6 kilometres of subway service starts at Sheppard West station (formerly Downsview) and runs all the way up to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

People were excited to ride through the freshly-built (and much cleaner) subway tunnels, but much of hype online this weekend revolved around our six, brand new, state-of-the-art transit stations.

York University station was one of the most popular destinations during yesterday's launch event, as many expected it would be.

"York U station attracted an audible 'wowwwww' from people next to me," wrote one rider on Twitter. "There's an amphitheatre. This station is a huge deal for York U."

Students at York are thrilled by the easier commute between campus and downtown, but this station is also thought to be one of the coolest looking on the entire line.

Visitors, students and city officials were all happy to share photos from the new station on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and wherever else you can post pictures of cool things.

Many of the new stations featured live bands playing Christmas music on Sunday.

At Pioneer Station, for instance, commuters were treated to the sounds of steel pan drums as they descended into the platform.

This station is also said to have smelled like vanilla.

Many people were impressed with the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station at the end of the line, with its domed ovoid entrance and mirrored ceiling panels.

"This is going to be the most selfied station," remarked one person of VMC on Instagram.

Highway 407 Station was a hit with its beautiful glass panels. The colourful glasswork, which projects moving colours all over the station when sun shines through its skylights, was designed by Toronto artist David Pearl and is titled "Sky Ellipse."

Design-wise, people are feeling Finch West Station and its striped, bar code cladding.

Things got a bit hairy, however, when one of the brand new station's escalators broke down on the first day of service.

Downsview Park Station, the first stop on the brand new line, also proved a bit annoying to some TTC riders when a passenger alarm went off, causing a slight delay.

That said, the station goes pretty deep down into the ground - which will certainly be a good thing when it gets hot outside.

Overall, Toronto seems pleased and grateful for its new, extended Line 1. It may have taken a while, but it's finally here, and will doubtlessly improve quality of life for many commuters between Vaughan and Toronto.

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