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10 new stores and restaurants in Bloorcourt & Bloordale

New stores and restaurants in Bloorcourt and Bloordale will have you stocking up on records and indulging in Mediterranean food late into the night. You'll find record shops, music venues, late night eateries, galleries and more. Need an excuse to head to the area? Here are 10.

Here's a roundup of new stores and restaurants to check out in Bloorcourt & Bloordale.

Wenona Lodge
This craft beer lodge offers everything from radlers to lagers, making it the perfect outpost if you're in need of a refreshing beverage. They also serve up childhood throwback eats like hotdogs cut like octopuses.

The 47
The 47 is where to go in Bloordale if you're craving food past midnight. This joint serves up Mediterranean small plates all under the $10 mark until 2am. If you need a beverage, they've got a concise wine list and three classic cocktails: Negronis, Manhattans and Old Fashioneds (what else do you really need?). There's lots of craft beer too.


If you can't decide what to do on a night out, Burdock lets you do it all in one place. A jack of all trades, it flaunts a restaurant serving up elevated pub fare, a live music venue, and a patio space that seats 30.

Blackbird Bistro
Blackbird Bistro is a charming little restaurant serving up sandwiches and salads to hungry locals. A huge bonus, they serve a number of vegan-friendly treats for those who are steering clear of animal products.

This cafe-art space hybrid has the goal of bringing the community together. They host live music, art exhibitions and more. A huge plus, they serve vegan fare, so any plant-based eater can still enjoy a night out at this venue.

dead dog records

Dead Dog Records
Need to update your music and movie collection? Head to Dead Dog. The store is well stocked with vinyl, CDs and DVDs as well as a few pieces of merchandise (think Adventure Time bobble heads and band t-shirts). They'll also buy your old records off you, if you're looking to purge your collection.

Civil Liberties
If you're in the market for a new watering hole in the Bloorcourt area, look no further. Expect to find this chic new outpost filled with the neighbourhood's younger crowd sipping top notch libations at the penny-covered bar.

Super Wonder Gallery
Super Wonder Gallery specializes in all things weird and wacky. The gallery itself is not exactly new, it has migrated to Bloorcourt from its old home at 99 Sudbury. Expect to find the space taken over by outrageous contemporary exhibitions.

popbox micromrkt

Popbox MicroMrkt
This is corner store is a far cry from your local 7/11. You'll find it stocked with everything from fresh baked goods from Circles and Squares to bamboo bathroom tissue. A huge bonus, you can grab an espresso for only $1.

Dark Horse Espresso (Geary)
A little off the main drag on Bloor St., the Dark Horse on Geary is unique as it houses the bakery where all the cafe's sweet treats are manufactured. The space previously housed an auto body shop, but you'd never know as it now boasts a rustic-chic decor that rivals even the most quaint indie coffee outposts.

Did I miss any? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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