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Bloorcourt is a Toronto neighbourhood on the rise. The area along Bloor between Christie Pits and Dufferin has seen new life in the past few years as galleries, restaurants and other businesses have flocked here in search of cheap(er) rents and access to the Bloor subway line. The mix of restaurants here reflect the diversity of the local community and include the Portuguese favourite Sardinha the King of BBQ Chicken, Ethiopian restaurants like African Palace and Lalibela and Indian mainstay Banjara. They've been joined by new favourities like Bakerbots, Drift Bar, Hogtown Vegan, The Common and Two Bite Saloon.

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2Q Video / Services

830 Bloor St. West 416.532.3829 Website
2Q Video

2Q Video continues to expand and thrive, even as the corporate competition lumbers toward its demise. Through a commitment to "quality movies" and "quick service", the independently operated chain has...

Actinolite / Restaurants

971 Ossington Ave 416.962.8943 Website

Actinolite has been in the works for a long time. Finally opening at the end of March, the neighbourhood bistro at Ossington and Hallam has been packed most nights since...

African Palace / Restaurants

977 Bloor St. West 416.588.7819 Website
African Palace

African Palace is an Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant just west of Shaw Street on Bloor West. You know it when you find it. Everyone has that one type of food that...

Albion's Pizza Shawarma / Restaurants

1030 Bloor St. W. 416.792.5678
Albion's Pizza Shawarma

Albion's Pizza Shawarma, as its name implies, sells pizza and shawarma (and shawarma piled on top of pizza) along with burritos and quesadillas (because hey, if you've already got Italian...

Anarres Apothecary / Fashion Stores

749 Dovercourt Rd. 647.827.6968 Website
Anarres Apothecary

Anarres Apothecary is the place to go if you want to stock up on supplies for making your own DIY natural cosmetics and body products. It sells a wide selection...

Arora Foods Market / Grocery Stores

922 Bloor Street West 416.588.5250 Website
Arora Foods Market

Arora Foods Market offers a taste of India, with fresh organic ingredients, nuts and spices, bulk foods, produce and more. To top off your Indian shopping experience, buy one of...

Art Ink Collective / Services

823 Bloor St. W 647.930.8469 Website
Art Ink Collective

Art Ink Collective's George Martinez is a triple threat — he's the shop owner, tattoo artist, and piercer. With over 10 years of experience (and, not to mention, great customer...

Arte Gelato and Caffe / Restaurants

946 Bloor St W 416.546.6182
Arte Gelato and Caffe

Arte Gelato and Caffé has opened just in time to say goodbye to summer. Of course, it's not the most opportune time to introduce Bloor and Dovercourt to its perfect-for-hot-weather...

Bad Dog Comedy Theatre / Bars

875 Bloor St. West 416.491.3115 Website
Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Bad Dog Comedy Theatre is the product of the Bad Dog Theatre Company, an award-winning Toronto theatre company that is home to Toronto's longest running improv show, Theatresports, and professional-level...

Bakerbots / Baked Goods

205 Delaware Avenue 416.901.3500 Website

Bakerbots is just eight weeks old and only open on weekends and evenings, but it has already earned a reputation for some of the best ice cream sandwiches around. I head...

Banjara / Restaurants

796 Bloor Street West 416.963.9360

Banjara is located in something of a mini strip-mall (ok, there's Banjara and one other restaurant) near Christie Pits. The Indian restaurant has been winning fans over with its aloo...

Bassline Bar / Bars

865 Bloor St. West 416.732.7513 Website
Bassline Bar

Bassline Bar opened its doors about 2 months ago, on a stretch of Bloor just east of Ossington that even its owner admits has seen some significant changes. "Now, women...

Billy's Souvlaki Place / Restaurants

748 Dovercourt Rd. 416.535.8629
Billy's Souvlaki Place

Billy's Souvlaki Place is a greasy spoon that's been around since 1979. Despite its name, it's probably wise to skip the souvlaki and go for the hit-or-miss cheap breakfasts instead....

Blackbird Bistro / Restaurants

993 Bloor St. West Website
Blackbird Bistro

Blackbird Bistro has taken over the former nest of the Rustic Owl in Bloorcourt. At first glance, it might seem like a simple name change - the robin's-egg-coloured chairs are...

Bloomer's / Baked Goods

873 Bloor St. West 416.551.0532 Website

Bloomer's is Toronto's newest addition to an ever-growing crop of bakeries catering to local vegans. Owners Kelly Sprague and Alex Dodd first cultivated their talents at Live Food Bar on...

Bloor Bar Cafe / Restaurants

1050 Bloor St. W 416.531.9249
Bloor Bar Cafe

Bloor Bar Cafe is a Bloorcourt institution, having been around for over 35 years, and it looks the part. This sports bar is a good place to watch soccer (aka...

Bloor Court Cafe / Cafes

201 Delaware Ave. 647.347.2177 Website
Bloor Court Cafe

Bloor Court Cafe is a small coffee shop just a few doors down from Bakerbots and the Ossington subway station's west exit. It serves coffee and has house-made sandwiches (including...

Capsule Music / Services

985 Dovercourt Rd. 416.203.0202 Website
Capsule Music

Capsule Music is a temple of twang - three cramped rooms loaded to the ceiling with guitars with f-holes or candy-apple race car finishes, and amps in battered tweed. Old...

China Ocean Restaurant / Restaurants

1077 Bloor St. W. 416.537.7156
China Ocean Restaurant

China Ocean Restaurant is one of those old-school Chinese restaurants that's been around in the neighbourhood for over 30 years. The prices are right here for generic, Westernized Chinese fare...

Churrasqueira Nova Lisboa / Restaurants

759 Dovercourt Rd. 416.536.3535 Website
Churrasqueira Nova Lisboa

Churrasqueira Nova Lisboa is a takeout spot for Portuguese chicken and African dishes. It has the same offerings as the sit-down Yauca's Lounge next door, with rotisserie and grilled chicken,...

Civil Liberties / Bars

878 Bloor St. West 416.546.5634 Website
Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties, at Bloor and Ossington, is a laid-back bar from the founders of Salt Wine Bar. Adopting a Casablanca design ethic, the room is elegant and playful, furnished with...

Cleopatra Restaurant / Restaurants

977 Bloor Street West 416.539.0259
Cleopatra Restaurant

Looking for Middle-Eastern take-out, sit-in, anything? Cleo has it all....

Comedy Bar / Bars

945 Bloor Street West 416.551.6540 Website
Comedy Bar

Comedy Bar is one of only a handful of Toronto comedy clubs, but it stands out for being both an excellent place to have some laughs (with some off-the-beaten track...

Contra Cafe / Cafes

1028 Shaw St.
Contra Cafe

Contra Cafe is tucked in the corner spot on Shaw at Yarmouth. Many may remember this location as the home of Hub Coffee and Locavorium but they've moved on to...

Courense Bakery / Baked Goods

1014 Bloor St. West 416.536.1522 Website
Courense Bakery

Courense Bakery has been around for 25 years and with men playing chess inside, the locals are clearly comfortable and eating lots of custard tarts. Making over 4,000 a week...

Crossfit Leviathan / Fitness Clubs

567 Dupont St. 416.576.7677 Website
Crossfit Leviathan

Crossfit Leviathan is a small, grungy, box gym in the Annex that has the stark feel of a garage. And that's where you'll find me at 6:30 in the morning....

Cyclemania / Services

863 Bloor St West 416.533.0080 Website

Cyclemania is a long, bike-filled space on Bloor West's busy bike shop stretch. It isn't for dilettantes - the owner would like you to know what your bike is worth,...

Disgraceland / Restaurants

965 Bloor St W 647.347.5263

Disgraceland opened earlier this year on Bloor West and quickly won over local fans for its weekend brunch lineup. Having heard glowing reviews from friends but mixed reviews in the local...

Drift Bar / Bars

1063 Bloor St. West 647.352.5335
Drift Bar

Drift Bar is the latest in a string of new destination hangouts to pop up on Bloor West. Could this be yet another reason for Toronto's 30-something collective to continue...

Ebi Sushi Izakaya / Restaurants

867 Bloor Street West 416.534.7874 Website
Ebi Sushi Izakaya

Ebi Sushi Izakaya joined Bloorcourt's healthy roster of bars and restaurant this past fall, in a locale known for its sharp pastiche of galleries, businesses, personalities, and styles. There's something...

El Cafecito / Cafes

3 Westmoreland Ave 416.623.7752
El Cafecito

El Cafecito is one of those cafes you have to know about. Inside, it's bright and spacious, with lots of seating, high ceilings, and chic vintage decor. But from the...

Ella's Uncle (Bloor) / Cafes

899 Bloor St. West 416.530.0222 Website
Ella's Uncle (Bloor)

Ella's Uncle, a local favorite of the Dundas West set, opened up it's second cafe at the foot-traffic heavy intersection of Ossington and Bloor. Even on the dreariest of days,...

Everest Snack Bar / Restaurants

1052 Bloor St. W. 416.516.0606
Everest Snack Bar

Everest Snack Bar is a family-run cafe with reasonably priced eats like panini and pita pizzas made in-house. Stick to the homemade stuff like the chocolate baklava and avoid the...

Fancy Franks (Bloorcourt) / Restaurants

940 Bloor St. W. 416.901.8166 Website
Fancy Franks (Bloorcourt)

Fancy Franks' Bloorcourt location offers pretty much the same menu as the original on College St.: gourmet hot dogs with tons of topping options (if you ever wanted to try...

Ferre Sposa / Fashion Stores

924A Bloor Street West 416.535.8999 Website
Ferre Sposa

Ferre Sposa carries big names like Alfred Sung, Lesposa, Sophia Tolli and Anjolique, but also creates custom dresses from their own line of pure silk tops and skirts. Relaxed salespeople...

Freedom Clothing Collective / Fashion Stores

939 Bloor St W 416.530.9946 Website
Freedom Clothing Collective

Freedom Clothing Collective goes way past clothing. The cozy Bloor West boutique, just west of Ossington, is stocked to the ceiling with all manner of handcrafted goods, made with a...

General Tao / Design Stores

853a Bloor Street West 416.516.4404
General Tao

General Tao is the type of store in which I could spend hours. Perhaps it's a sign that my delayed sense of adulthood is taking over, because I'm becoming more...

Greeko Grill & Cafe / Restaurants

1011 Dufferin St. 647.346.8713 Website
Greeko Grill & Cafe

Greeko Grill & Cafe is a small Mediterranean joint right by the Dufferin subway station. Reasonably priced burgers, gyros, falafel, and souvlaki pitas and platters can be had here, as...

Hogtown Vegan / Restaurants

1056 Bloor St West 416.901.9779 Website
Hogtown Vegan

The Hogtown Vegan is the second restaurant in a little over six months from the vegan restauranteur trio responsible for Kensington Market's all vegan doughnuts and burrito joint, Hot Beans....

Hollow Ground Barber Shop / Fashion Stores

1053 Bloor St. West 416.551.8929 Website
Hollow Ground Barber Shop

Hollow Ground Barber Shop is where I find Beejay Diona. The last time we crossed paths was when he was waiting for customers on a quiet winter afternoon at Mike's...

House of Lancaster / Services

1215 Bloor Street West 416.534.2385 Website
House of Lancaster

The House of Lancaster has two locations, one in rapidly-gentrifying Bloordale and the other out on the Queensway, in what was once a supper club that gave these clubs their...

Hub Coffee House (Dovercourt) / Cafes

983 Dovercourt Rd. 647.347.7789 Website
Hub Coffee House (Dovercourt)

Hub Coffee House on Dovercourt is what you get when you've cornered the market in a given neighbourhood. This just opened, second location to the Hub Coffee House and Locavorium...

Hurricane's / Restaurants

963 Bloor Street West 416.531.7818 Website

Hurricane's is a self-described Roadhouse Restaurant near Bloor and Ossington that has one of the better back patios in the area. Inside the vibe is karaoke with a side of...

I Love Mom Tattoo Studio / Services

959 Dovercourt Rd 416.532.5021 Website
I Love Mom Tattoo Studio

I Love Mom Tattoo Studio is a Toronto Public Health approved, clean, friendly tattoo shop in the Dovercourt Park area. They have experienced tattoo artists with roots in old school...

Jimmy T'z Vintage Inc. / Fashion Stores

955 Dovercourt Rd. 647.692.1359 Website
Jimmy T'z Vintage Inc.

Jimmy T'z Vintage Inc., unlike other custom shirt shops, uses the latest in environmental inks instead of silk screening, discharge, heat or sublimation transfers. It gets great detail on the...

Kitch / Restaurants

229 Geary Ave 647.350.4555 Website

Kitch isn't the type of place that's easy to assign a genre to. Upon entry, it looks inescapably like bar. Scrolling through the menu of Mexican-inspired offerings, on the other...

La Bella Managua / Restaurants

872 Bloor Street West 416.913.4227
La Bella Managua

La Bella Managua serves up traditional Nicaraguan cuisine as well as a few imported dishes from around the world. ...

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant / Restaurants

869 Bloor Street West 416.535.6615 Website
Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant

Serving tasty and reasonably priced Ethiopian Food, Lalibela on Bloor Street has a variety of chicken, lamb and vegetarian options. Photo from Richelle Forsey ...

Long & McQuade / Services

925 Bloor St West 416.588.7886 Website
Long & McQuade

Long & McQuade has branches all over the country, but its Bloor Street store is the mothership, sprawling over most of a city block, with a storefront for everything you...

Lucky 13 Tattoo Shop / Services

880 Bloor St. West 416.537.7376 Website
Lucky 13 Tattoo Shop

Lucky 13 Tattoo Shop is hard to miss near the corner of Bloor and Bathurst. Its bright orange sign beckons those seeking tattoos and piercings in a clean and friendly...

Madras Masala / Restaurants

796 Bloor Street West 647.345.6786 Website
Madras Masala

Madras Masala is located right next to Banjara on Bloor Street. The restaurant specializes in South Indian cuisine including 20 types of dosas. ...

Mazz Sushi / Restaurants

993 Bloor Street West 416.536.7631
Mazz Sushi

Mazz Sushi is a little Japanese & Korean resto in Bloorcourt with a big menu, terrific service, and impressively fresh fish at reasonable prices. Unlike the Sushi-crowded Annex, Mazz...

Mexitaco / Restaurants

828 Bloor Street West 416.537.6693 Website

This is part 1 in a series where I attempt to discover Toronto's best burritos. Mexitaco occupies an awkward spot in Toronto's burrito landscape. The taqueria, located on a corner lot...

Monarch Vintage / Fashion Stores

897 Bloor St. West 416.518.4591
Monarch Vintage

Monarch Vintage is a Dovercourt vintage shop specializing in women's clothing, though some men's items are also available. The shop's color-coordinated racks boast a healthy collection of silk slips, cotton...

Mr. Right Pizza / Restaurants

821 Bloor St. 416.915.9900 Website
Mr. Right Pizza

Mr. Right Pizza has moved north from its original digs on Dundas and is now serving up pizza, wings and panzos in Bloorcourt....

Nazareth / Restaurants

969 Bloor St W 416.535.0797

Nazareth is an Ethiopian restaurant in Bloorcourt. It's hard to decide what's best here - the pleasant staff, the intimate atmosphere, or the more-than-reliably delicious food. Pick one of the...

Newport Fish Importers / Grocery Stores

181 Geary Ave 416.537.1278 Website
Newport Fish Importers

Newport Fish Importers sounds very much like a wholesale operation, but this Portugese fishmonger and grocery store is also oriented toward walk-in traffic. A relatively recent addition to the neighbourhood,...

Northwood / Bars

815 Bloor St W 416.846.8324 Website

Northwood recently opened in the grey zone of Bloor between Koreatown and Ossington, filling a void for residents looking to imbibe locally. Owners Richard Pope and Ang Reynolds have lived...

Nosso Talho / Grocery Stores

1042 Bloor St. W. 416.531.7462 Website
Nosso Talho

Nosso Talho is a Portuguese grocery store and butcher shop that's been a neighbourhood fixture since 1974. (Its name is Portuguese for "our butcher shop.") There's another location on Dundas...

Nova Era (Geary Ave) / Baked Goods

200 Geary Ave 416.538.8200 Website
Nova Era (Geary Ave)

Nova Era has locations scattered across the city, but this one acts as a hub of activity on Geary Avenue as locals stop in for baked goods and coffee on...

Nova Era Bakery (Bloorcourt) / Baked Goods

980 Bloor St. W. 416.531.1222 Website
Nova Era Bakery (Bloorcourt)

Nova Era Bakery originated in Little Portugal on Dundas West, but has expanded to 10 shops (six in Toronto) over the past 20+ years, including to this location in Bloorcourt....

Pam's Roti / Restaurants

912 Bloor Street West 416.533.3588
Pam's Roti

Near the corner of Bloor and Dovercourt, Pam's Roti can easily be overlooked. A closet-sized space nestled between Hurricane's bar and Nazareth Ethiopian restaurant, Pam's evokes a family gathering space...

Paradisos / Restaurants

888 Bloor Street West 416.534.8090

Oldschool grill serving up frill-free souvlaki and all other things Greek....

Paris Bakery (Geary Ave) / Baked Goods

191 Geary Ave 416.537.2993
Paris Bakery (Geary Ave)

Paris Bakery, despite its French-inspired name, does Portuguese-style bread and treats the best. As much as I'm faithful to Nova Era, which is basically across the street, every time I...

Pero Restaurant / Restaurants

812 Bloor St. W 416.915.7225 Website
Pero Restaurant

Pero Restaurant adds a bit of contemporary cool alongside the comfortable vibe that's on offer at its spot on Bloor near Ossington while traditional Ethiopian cuisine makes up the menu. It...

Pidza / Restaurants

858 Bloor St. West

Pidza brings Turkish pizza to Bloorcourt. But don't stop at a slice of pie and walk out of here before trying the lahmacun....

Planet Fitness / Fitness Clubs

1245 Dupont St. 416.537.2957 Website
Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a newly opened gym inside the Galleria Mall at Dupont and Dufferin, the chain's first Canadian location after enjoying success across the border for many years. With...

Plizza / Restaurants

1115 Bloor St. West Website

Plizza is a recent entrant into the crowded Toronto gourmet pizza market. Goofy name notwithstanding, the restaurant does a solid, gourmet slice that's easy on both the stomach and the...

RE:Style Studio / Design Stores

344 Westmoreland Avenue #104A 647.342.0091 Website
RE:Style Studio

RE:Style Studio is the answer to that hideous inherited floral loveseat that just refuses to cooperate with a tidy modern decor aesthetic. It's an anti-IKEA. It's a hub of DIY...

Regal Garden / Restaurants

815 Bloor St West 416.530.8088
Regal Garden

Nothing says, "let's get delivery," like a cold and rainy November evening, so this week I dug into my pile of semi-junk-mail delivery menus and rang up Regal Garden Chinese...

Rosie Robin / Grocery Stores

616 Gladstone Avenue 416.533.7741
Rosie Robin

Rosie Robin started out 18 years ago as just your average neighbourhood convenience store. Today, the store has expanded to meet the needs of the community. Aside from the confectionery...

Rosie the Rebel / Fashion Stores

961 Bloor St. West 416.588.5959 Website
Rosie the Rebel

Rosie the Rebel calls themselves "Canada's rockabilly, psychobilly and retro clothing retailer." This Bloorcourt boutique sells '40s and '50s-inspired pieces with a rock-and-roll edge, including knock-'em-dead dresses, shoes and accessories....

Salon Y / Fashion Stores

861 Bloor St W 647.341.4247 Website
Salon Y

Salon Y was born out of a deep friendship between Yanna Karadimas and Teresa Gomez. Their creation took them from Queen West to King West and now to Bloor and...

Scout and Cash / Restaurants

146 Christie St. 416.230.5311 Website
Scout and Cash

Scout and Cash is an espresso bar and actual bar taking over the former Bristol Yard space in Seaton Village. Named after owner Michael Aniballi's twin toddlers, this new neighbourhood...

Sheesha Lounge / Restaurants

901 Bloor St West 647.351.0251 Website
Sheesha Lounge

Sheesha Lounge and Coffee House is a hookah bar in Bloorcourt that also serves up unexpected sandwiches like smoked meat, roast beef and a long list of build your own...

Site 3 coLaboratory / Galleries

718R Ossington Avenue Website
Site 3 coLaboratory

Site 3 coLaboratory brings back memories of 1984. If you recall, 1984 saw geek culture take a turn for the better when the archetypal 80's film Revenge of the Nerds...

Spark Fresh Bar / Restaurants

739 Ossington Ave. 647.849.0078 Website
Spark Fresh Bar


Stowaway Vintage / Design Stores

978 Dovercourt Rd. 647.340.9312 Website
Stowaway Vintage

Stowaway Vintage is a sweet little shop tucked into Melanie Machado's front room. The little shop at Dovercourt and Hallam, just south of Dupont Street, is crammed full of more...

Tallboys / Restaurants

838 Bloor St. W. 416.535.7486 Website

Tallboys opened up near Bloor and Shaw at the beginning of this month, tossing its name into a ring already crowded with craft beer houses. And, opening in the former...

Thai Green Chili / Restaurants

1059 Bloor St. W. 416.532.5050 Website
Thai Green Chili

Thai Green Chili is the neighbourhood Thai spot in Bloorcourt and offers the standard range of Thai fare: lemongrass soup, satays, curries, basil fried rice, pad thai...with some teriyaki thrown...

The Black Horse Pub / Restaurants

928 Bloor St W 416.531.9096
The Black Horse Pub

The Black Horse Pub draws a mixed crowd of dedicated locals and fans of its somewhat dingy and dive-y appeal (thanks to worn out, but comfortable seating), and although the...

The Common (Bloor) / Cafes

1028 Bloor St 647.348.3814
The Common (Bloor)

The Common (Bloor) is the second café of its kind to grace Toronto, modeled after the original incarnation over at College and Dufferin. For years, The Common name has been associated...

The Empire / Restaurants

1018 Bloor Street West 416.532.5511
The Empire

More than just good Schwarma, The Empire serves up a lengthy menu of Middle Eastern and East African dishes. Don't leave here without trying their falafel, one of Toronto's best....

The Piston / Bars

937 Bloor Street West 416.532.3989
The Piston

The Piston on Bloor near Ossington may finally be the tipping point for Bloorcourt - the up-and-coming neighbourhood that's been on the brink of up-and-coming for several years without ever...

The Rooster Rotisserie and Grill / Restaurants

942 Bloor St. W. 416.516.8111 Website
The Rooster Rotisserie and Grill

The Rooster Rotisserie and Grill used to be called Sardinha O Rei Dos Frangos, but the name of the place is pretty much all that's changed. It's still under the...

The Steady / Restaurants

1051 Bloor St W 416.536.4162 Website
The Steady

The Steady is open near Bloor and Dufferin, doing double duty as a weekend brunch spot and a dancehall and event hotspot by night. Taking over the space from Ethiopian...

The Thai Room (Bloor) / Restaurants

801 Bloor St. West 416.531.8424 Website
The Thai Room (Bloor)

The Thai Room has expanded beyond its original Danforth location to Bloor and Ossington. Like the original, the second coming of the Thai Room serves up the usual Thai classics...

Tierra Azteca / Grocery Stores

1115 Bloor St. West 647.435.4098
Tierra Azteca

Tierra Azteca at Bloor and Dufferin offers Mexican and a smattering of Latin American cuisine. It's a grocery store that doubles as a restaurant and money wiring facility. It's small,...

Tokyo Sushi (Bloorcourt) / Restaurants

1049 Bloor St. W. 416.516.6168
Tokyo Sushi (Bloorcourt)

Tokyo Sushi is a small, quaint restaurant in Bloorcourt with well-priced Japanese and Korean cuisine. Meals come with complimentary miso soup, salad and japchae (Korean sweet potato noodles), which are...

Top Taste / Restaurants

758 Dovercourt Rd. 416.531.1474
Top Taste

Top Taste was the original location of Jamaican patty giant Michidean and is still a Jamaican takeout and catering spot on Dovercourt. It of course still sells Michidean patties baked...

Toronto BJJ / Fitness Clubs

813 Bloor Street West 416.537.4255 Website
Toronto BJJ

Toronto BJJ sits directly between Ossington and Bathurst at 813 Bloor Street West. The two storey blue and gold brick building opened its doors in 2006, and now instructs over...

Trevor Odho Studio / Fashion Stores

847 Bloor St. West 647.349.4312 Website
Trevor Odho Studio

Trevor Odho Studio is the first salon owned by the eponymous hairstylist, who's finally struck out on his own after 12 years in the hair industry. His work history reads...

Two Bite Saloon / Restaurants

840 Bloor St. W. 416.536.8682 Website
Two Bite Saloon

Two Bite Saloon opened up less than week ago, and is perhaps the most convincing argument for the recently much-touted growth of the Bloor and Ossington area. Directly beside Tallboys,...

Union Yoga / Fitness Clubs

956 Bloor St. West 416.516.0909 Website
Union Yoga

Union Yoga + Wellness is bringing an airy and modern space with plenty of options to get into your zen zone on Bloor West. Yoga instructor Ruby Knafo and her...

Vince Gasparros / Grocery Stores

857 Bloor Street West 416.534.7122
Vince Gasparros

I like that Garparro's Meat Market's business cards can just say "Vince, Nick & Pat". The family-owned butcher on Bloor St. West has been around for 18 years now. And...

Wise Bar / Bars

1007 Bloor St. W 416.519.3139 Website
Wise Bar

Wise Bar is a haven for lovers of craft beer located along Bloor St. W. just west of Dovercourt Rd. I go to visit late on a Thursday night earlier...

Woof! Dog Shop & Daycare / Services

843 Bloor Street West 647.428.5388 Website
Woof! Dog Shop & Daycare

Woof! Dog Shop & Daycare is Bloor Street's solution for busy dog owners on the go. The day care offers indoor/outdoor facilities, solo dog walks and onsite pet groomers. Pet...

Yauca's Lounge / Restaurants

755 Dovercourt Rd. 416.536.3535 Website
Yauca's Lounge

Yauca's Lounge is a new Bloorcourt spot cooking up dishes with roots in Angola, Senegal and Cameroon. The owners also run the Churasquerria Nova Lisboa next door, where they serve...

Zoinks / Bookstores

1019 Bloor St West 416.913.8827 Website

Zoinks is only three years old but, somehow, it captures the feeling of the essential neighbourhood store that's been around forever. On Bloor West near Dovercourt, this small but well...

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