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Bloordale Village

Bloordale Village might not have much name recognition today, but if the Bloor Improvement Association has anything to say about it this longtime down and out, crime-ridden 'hood will be on everyone's radar in no time. This neighbourhood which roughly comprises the stretch of pavement along Bloor between Dufferin and Lansdowne subway stations now has its own street festival but beyond that is best know for the tasty cheap eats than can be found at spots like Vena's and South Indian Dosa Mahal.

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3 Speed / Bars

1163 Bloor St West 416.555.1212
3 Speed

I remember, not so long ago, when Dufferin and Bloor was a bit of an urban backwater. When creepy, outdated mannequins stood vigil in every storefront window and the dive...

Analogue Gallery / Galleries

250 Emerson Avenue 416.901.8001 Website
Analogue Gallery

Analogue Gallery aims to exhume from the annals of music history the unpublished images of noted photographers. For music lovers, the space is a spine-tingling taste of the ubiquitous....

Baddies / Cafes

679 Lansdowne Ave Website

Baddies stands at Bloor and Lansdowne just steps from the entrance to Lansdowne subway station, where for long there was only an odd assortment of very casual cafes and restaurants...

Bar Neon / Bars

1226 Bloor St West 647.748.6366
Bar Neon

Bar Neon is one of those places that's just irrefutably cool. It's part the fantastic mural that spans the length of the bar, custom created by local artist Jeff Garcia....

Big Daddy's / Restaurants

1281 Bloor St. West 647.341.6659
Big Daddy's

Big Daddy's, unrelated to the now retired King West cajun eatery, serves up diner-style burgers in Bloordale Village. The modest-sized menu covers all the bases, complete with poutine, wraps, and...

Broadway Cycle / Services

1222 Bloor St W 416.531.1028 Website
Broadway Cycle

Broadway Cycle differs from many of the other stores I've been visiting in that it doesn't try to cater to only one type of cyclist. Instead of targeting urban utility...

Brock Sandwich / Restaurants

1260 Bloor St W 647.748.1260 Website
Brock Sandwich

Brock Sandwich, a new restaurant that opened earlier this week in Bloordale Village, doesn't leave much to the imagination. The idea is just as simple: a dine-in (if you can)...

Burdock / Restaurants

1184 Bloor Street W 416.546.4033 Website

Burdock has set up shop in what used to be Portuguese chicken resto Churrasqueira Aveirense and transformed the space into an artist-driven bar/restaurant/music hall/future-microbrewery run by a group of musicians...

Caribbean Queen of Patties / Restaurants

1294 Bloor St West 416.538.1732
Caribbean Queen of Patties

I don't often eat on the go, but I recently found myself at the corner of Bloor & Lansdowne with little time until my next meeting and a groaning belly....

Centre of Gravity West / Fitness Clubs

213 Sterling Road 416.938.6030 Website
Centre of Gravity West

Centre of Gravity has brought its take on circus training to the west end with the opening of its new facility in the Sterling Road lofts. Its arrival marks the...

Chito's Pizza / Restaurants

1308 Bloor St. West 416.530.7777
Chito's Pizza

Chito's Pizza is more than pizza. In fact, the thing to get here might just be the shawarma. For long time locals, this is the place that used to be...

Ciro's / Restaurants

1316 Bloor Street West 416.533.4914

Ciro's is a small west end bar that doesn't take themselves too seriously. They they have an intimidating beer list chocked full of Lambics and world class strong ales and...

Club Paradise / Services

1313 Bloor Street West 416.535.0723 Website
Club Paradise

Club Paradise regulars say this is a well-kept secret, hidden behind a discrete door in Bloordale, with service and quality almost as good as For Your Eyes Only or the...

Coffee Guitar / Services

1280 Bloor St. West 647.748.3319 Website
Coffee Guitar

Coffee Guitar is ... well, use your imagination, folks. Located in Bloordale, where Bloor Barista once stood, the week-old shop may be the only spot in town where you can...

Conspiracy Culture / Bookstores

1344 Bloor Street W. 416.916.1696 Website
Conspiracy Culture

Conspiracy Culture in Parkdale is a great source for books and videos on any and all conspiracy theories. The store also host regular reading events and seminars. ...

Curry Kitchen (Bloordale) / Restaurants

675 Lansdowne Ave. 416.538.1313
Curry Kitchen (Bloordale)

Curry Kitchen in Bloordale is the second location of the mostly take-out eatery offering "Indian home cooking." Like the original at Dundas and Church, it has daily specials where you...

D-Beatstro / Restaurants

1292 Bloor Street West 416.666.6666 Website

D-Beatstro is a community-driven vegan cafe by day and a DIY/DIT event space by night in Bloordale. Found in the former home of Bike Pirates, this rockin' spot carries on...

Daniel Faria Gallery / Galleries

188 St. Helens Avenue 416.538.1880 Website
Daniel Faria Gallery

Daniel Faria Gallery is a bright contemporary art space in Bloordale Village, found amongst a strip of industrial buildings in warehouse that was an auto body shop in its last...

Dead Dog Records / Services

1209 Bloor St. West 647.748.0748 Website
Dead Dog Records

Dead Dog Records might initially confuse you. Staring at the well-stocked, organized, clean space, you'd think the shop had been around for years, hard-pressed to guess it only opened in...

Dueling Grounds / Services

1193 Bloor St. West 416.534.3835 Website
Dueling Grounds

Dueling Grounds is a hobby game store boasting an extensive selection of board games, computer games, collector's cards and other novelty items. The store also offers 1500 sq. ft. of...

Duffy's Diner / Restaurants

1236 Bloor St. West 416.628.0330 Website
Duffy's Diner

Duffy's Diner is right next door to Bloordale dive bar institution Duffy's Tavern (a big, red, rusty "DINER" metal arrow indicates this outside to clear up any confusion). The...

Duffy's Tavern / Bars

1238 Bloor Street West 416.628.0330 Website
Duffy's Tavern

Duffy's Tavern is located in the heart of Bloordale Village. There's little denying the desolation of the neighbourhood, but the bright, unmissable sign lights up the corner of Bloor and...

Dupe Shop / Services

1185 Bloor St. West 416.502.8273 Website
Dupe Shop

Dupe Shop is Toronto's cassette store and analog emporium. It's the physical outpost of, the Toronto/Montreal wholesale analog duplicator. They'll make copies of CDs, VHS, tapes, and more for...

Earth Echoes / Services

1192 Bloor St. W. 416.389.3143 Website
Earth Echoes

Earth Echoes is a reptile shop in Bloordale for lovers of lizards and all things exotic. They've got bearded dragons, iguanas, geckos and chameleons here, along with all the supplies...

Fit & Sweet / Baked Goods

1298 Bloor Street west 416.588.7337
Fit & Sweet

Fit & Sweet is a sugar-filled haven in Bloordale Village. They serve up freshly-baked sweet eats like honey cake balls, cheesecake cookies, muffins, and more....

Gallery on Wade / Galleries

302 - 87 Wade Ave 647.494.9633 Website
Gallery on Wade

Gallery on Wade resides in the ramshackle building full of exciting new projects that is 87 Wade. Don't let the smell from the neighbouring gelatin factory throw you off: this...

Geary Lane / Bars

360 Geary Ave 647.295.0052 Website
Geary Lane

Geary Lane is a venue and multipurpose space for events, rehearsals and more located at the very end of Geary, next to one location of Rehearsal Factory's many studios. The...

Grey Tiger / Bars

1190 Bloor St. West 647.925.3310 Website
Grey Tiger

Grey Tiger is a cafe and cocktail bar on Bloor St. just west of Dufferin. It's the product of a partnership between Ryan Ringer and Becky Ip, and part of...

Happy Bakery & Pastry / Baked Goods

1245 Dupont St. 416.533.8000
Happy Bakery & Pastry

Happy Bakery & Pastry is pretty hidden and hard to find if you're not looking for it. Tucked away behind the drab Galleria Shopping Centre, the friendly staff at this...

Haven Espresso Bar / Cafes

615A Brock Avenue 416.836.0802 Website
Haven Espresso Bar

Haven Espresso Bar might just be the tiniest espresso bar in all of Toronto. Located on Brock just west of Bloor and Dufferin, Haven is certainly one of those places...

Holy Oak Cafe / Cafes

1241 Bloor St W 647.345.2803
Holy Oak Cafe

I would have killed for a Holy Oak Café in November 2008, the last month I resided at Bloor and Lansdowne. Back then, comfortable places with good brew were scarce...

Home / Baked Goods

1242 Bloor St. West 647.350.3400 Website

Home is a new bake shop and ice cream spot that opened in Bloordale earlier this summer. Bakerbots co-owner and Home full-owner Christopher Stopa (of "lost Radiohead song" fame) wants...

Intergalactic Travel Authority / Cafes

1165 Bloor Street W 416.645.1049 Website
Intergalactic Travel Authority

Intergalactic Travel Authority is not, unfortunately, an actual space travel command centre (we'll leave that to Richard Branson). The shop and cafe is, however, trying to emulate that "space departure...

Janer's Bakery / Baked Goods

679 Lansdowne Ave. 416.516.0009
Janer's Bakery

Janer's Bakery sells French and other European-style cakes, pastries and breads, as well as some Filipino delicacies, at this location right by the Lansdowne TTC station (there is another one...

Just 4 Fun Sporting Club / Fitness Clubs

213 Sterling Rd 416.710.8679 Website
Just 4 Fun Sporting Club

The Just 4 Fun Sporting Club is a more positive take on the "Have Your Ass Handed 2 You Sporting Club." It's a multi-purpose facility available for parties, team building,...

Karelia Kitchen / Restaurants

1194 Bloor St. W. 647.748.1194 Website
Karelia Kitchen

Karelia Kitchen opened up several days ago in Bloordale Village. The name presumably draws from Karelia, an area of Northern Europe that's split between the Russian and Finnish people. The...

Kind Exchange (Bloordale) / Fashion Stores

1185 Bloor St. W. 416.792.4055 Website
Kind Exchange (Bloordale)

Kind Exchange locations are sprouting up all over the city and this shop in Bloordale is its tenth. You can buy, sell, trade or donate clothes and accessories here (proceeds...

Lansdowne Cone / Restaurants

659 Lansdowne Avenue 647.228.3300 Website
Lansdowne Cone

The Lansdowne Cone has finally opened, satisfying great anticipation from the Bloordale community. "A few weeks ago, back when paper was still on the windows," manager Kaili tells me, "I...

Latin World / Restaurants

1229 Bloor St. W 416.603.3311
Latin World

Latin World is a small grocery store and restaurant selling Mexican and Latin American food and products. The grocery store taqueria has a long and rich history, and at their...

MamaLand Resto-Lounge / Restaurants

685 Lansdowne Avenue 416.537.8399 Website
MamaLand Resto-Lounge

MamaLand Resto-Lounge is a restaurant and bar lounge with regular music nights nestled in the somewhat confusing tangle of shops and other offices smushed into the building directly adjacent to...

Mercer Union / Galleries

1286 Bloor Street West 416.536.1519 Website
Mercer Union

I've been meaning to check out the new location of the Mercer Union for quite some time. Although I live pretty close by, this was just one of those...

Neubacher Shor Contemporary (Dupont) / Galleries

250 Emerson Ave. 416.546.3683 Website
Neubacher Shor Contemporary (Dupont)

Neubacher Shor Contemporary occupies a spot on Emerson just off Dupont that I've always thought should be some sort of art/cultural space. Located on the dead end northern side of...

North Haven / Restaurants

615C Brock Ave. 416.551.6177 Website
North Haven

North Haven is the companion spot to tiny Haven Espresso Bar in Bloordale, the two bookending the Ontario Giant Runt Club (that breeds these oxymoronic pigeons) on Brock Ave. north...

Nuthouse / Grocery Stores

1256 Bloor St. West 647.352.3385 Website

The Nuthouse stands out among the restaurants and discount stores in Blansdowne - just look for the giant walnut jutting out from the storefront. "It's iconic," co-owner Liza Lukashevsky says....

O Bairradino / Restaurants

662 Lansdowne Avenue 416.531.6912
O Bairradino

The staff at O Bairradino on Lansdowne tend to be brusque but efficient - don't get in their way and you will get what you want. The grilled chicken is...

Odd Finds General Store / Fashion Stores

1178 Bloor St. W 647.773.2009 Website
Odd Finds General Store

Odd Finds General Store is exactly what it sounds like: a homey space teeming with a hodgepodge of vintage treasures, knick-knacks, handmade apothecary, and - oddly enough - loose-leaf teas....

Orchard / Bars

1174 Bloor St. West 647.347.4572 Website

Orchard is an unassuming, low-key, local bar in Bloordale that was last Clara's Gourmet Burgers. As a tribute to the history of the neighbourhood, owner Jason Raabe (he also owns...

Pancho's Bakery (Bloor and Dufferin) / Baked Goods

1017 Dufferin Street 416.897.9544 Website
Pancho's Bakery (Bloor and Dufferin)

Pancho's Bakery at Dufferin and Bloor is the third location of the popular Mexican bakery-and its by far the most intuitively strategic of the bunch. Open for just over a...

Penny's Bar / Bars

1306 Bloor St. West 647.350.2337 Website
Penny's Bar

Penny's is one of the latest bars dotting the molting retail landscape of Bloordale Village. Located at Bloor and Lansdowne, the bar opened its doors earlier this year in a...

Pepper's Cafe / Restaurants

189 Wallace Ave. 416.531.3146
Pepper's Cafe

Pepper's Cafe has been around for over 30 years at this corner of Bloordale. Some call it the Portuguese version of Cheers. The food can be hit or miss, but...

Pho Jade / Restaurants

1208 Bloor St West 416.850.4993
Pho Jade

Pho Jade serves up classic and affordable Vietnamese cuisine such as pho, curry, and noodle dishes in a casual, neutral-hued setting. Take-out available....

Prairie Boy Bread / Baked Goods

970 College St. 416.531.1211
Prairie Boy Bread

Prairie Boy Bread took a hint from their popularity at the Bloor Barden Market and opened up a retail shop on College Street. Located in the heart of Dufferin Grove,...

Pravda Tattoo Parlour / Services

1275 Bloor Street West 647.430.5891 Website
Pravda Tattoo Parlour

Pravda Tattoo Parlour is a Bloordale Village shop that specializes in American traditional designs. Pawel Pravda is the studio's main artist. Photo via @pawelpravda on Instagram....

Ransack the Universe / Design Stores

1207 Bloor St. West 647.703.6675 Website
Ransack the Universe

Ransack the Universe is Bloordale's one-stop shop for vintage goods, records, local crafts, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind decor. Originally located in the basement of 1207 Bloor Street West, the store recently...

Red Parrot / Restaurants

685 Lansdowne Ave. 416.532.7590
Red Parrot

Red Parrot is a hybrid of Trinidadian eatery and music venue by the Lansdowne subway station. It offers West Indian cuisine like curry goat, oxtail, roti and doubles, but also...

Robert Kananaj Gallery / Galleries

172 St. Helens Ave. 416.289.8855 Website
Robert Kananaj Gallery

Robert Kananaj Gallery has been promoting and exhibiting Canadian and international contemporary artists since 2011. The Bloordale gallery got its start on Bloor St. W. and moved to a bigger...

Scrap Metal Gallery / Galleries

11 Dublin St 416.588.2442 Website
Scrap Metal Gallery

Scrap Metal Gallery joins Daniel Faria Gallery and other art spaces in the Bloor and Lansdowne neighborhood, occupying an industrial building on a small dead-end street. The space is in...

South Indian Dosa Mahal / Restaurants

1262 Bloor St. W. 416.516.7701
South Indian Dosa Mahal

When I lived at Bloor and Lansdowne, South Indian Dosa Mahal was my haven of wholesomeness in what is often an entirely unwholesome neighbourhood. Granted, Bloordale is on the up:...

Starving Artist / Cafes

584 Lansdowne Ave 647.342.5058 Website
Starving Artist

"This is our special starving artist blend," says Tobias Wang with a gigantic grin. "It's the strongest coffee I've ever had! It's the strongest coffee anyone's ever had!" One of...

Stella / Bars

1261 Bloor Street West 416.536.7666 Website

Stella is all about the music. Sure, this new bar at the western frontier of Bloordale hosts a variety of concerts and regular music nights, but even the story of...

Sweet Pete's / Services

1204 Bloor West 416.533.4481 Website
Sweet Pete's

Sweet Pete's main bike shop occupies a huge 4000 square foot space on Bloor in between Dufferin and Lansdowne. A former Loblaws grocery store many moons ago, its current tenant...

That Dog Next Door / Services

1230 Bloor Street West 416.533.8363 Website
That Dog Next Door

That Dog Next Door is a Bloordale Village shop that will help you pamper your pet in every way. They sell goods and Canadian sourced treats for cats and dogs....

The 47 / Restaurants

1211 Bloor St. West Website
The 47

The 47 is a recently opened bar and late night food joint in Bloordale occupying what was formerly Ortolan. Gone is the fine dining but Chef Daniel Usher is still...

The Bee Shop / Grocery Stores

1340 Bloor St. W. 289.809.2970 Website
The Bee Shop

The Bee Shop is the place to go if you're in Bloordale and looking for any kind of product produced by bees. (When I visited, there was even art on...

The Emerson / Restaurants

1279 Bloor Street West 416.532.1717
The Emerson

The Emerson recently opened in Bloordale Village, lending ever more credence to the notion that this neighbourhood is on the upswing, particularly with the Whippoorwill opening up just two doors...

The Make Den / Fashion Stores

1244 Bloor St. W. 416.705.6925 Website
The Make Den

The Make Den Sewing Studio recently relocated from within 69 Vintage Collective to a new location at 1244 Bloor Street West, providing a bright and crafty addition to Bloordale's streetscape....

Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co. / Baked Goods

1277 Bloor St. W. 416.998.3321 Website
Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co.

Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co.'s whole name is essentially a big lie. They're not through being cool, at all. The new bake shop opened at Bloor and Lansdowne on...

Tomorrow Gallery / Galleries

163 Sterling Rd. Website
Tomorrow Gallery

Tomorrow Gallery is located in a warehouse space near Bloor and Lansdowne and focuses on contemporary art and installation-based work. A not-for-profit organization, it is affiliated with the publication house...

Toronto Coffee & Tea House / Cafes

685 Lansdowne Ave. 416.538.3838 Website
Toronto Coffee & Tea House

Toronto Coffee & Tea House used to be the Toronto Coffee Company until some supposed drama occurred in early 2013. Besides an alteration in ownership, the look of the cafe...

Town / Design Stores

1187 Bloor St. West 647.748.8696 Website

Town offers an interesting selection of paper goods, design accents, and unique giftware (including wrapping paper), with a focus on gift cards....

Toys R Us / Services

900 Dufferin St. 416.532.8697 Website
Toys R Us

Toys R Us is a mega chain that's been around for decades stocking the most popular toys from birth on. While some locations are downright lackluster, the Dufferin Mall location...

Urban Harvest / Design Stores

1340 Bloor St. West 416.504.1653 Website
Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest was the first urban agriculture business of its kind in Toronto, long before organic became a supermarket staple, specializing in ecologically sustainable garden alternatives. Owner Colette Murphy has been...

Vena's Roti / Restaurants

1263 Bloor West 416.532.3665
Vena's Roti

Vena's Roti has been winning over fans for more than 15 years, and it's easy to understand why. Everything is made fresh, the portion sizes are generous and the price...

Vintage Depot (Bloordale) / Fashion Stores

1269 Bloor St. W. 416.588.6513 Website
Vintage Depot (Bloordale)

Vintage Depot sells gently used men's and women's clothing and accessories in this densely packed Bloordale shop. Although it's definitely possible to find some vintage items, it might be more...

Warner Gallery / Galleries

888 Dupont Street 416.709.5944 Website
Warner Gallery

Warner Gallery is housed in an assuming building at Ossington and Dupont. The gallery dedicates itself to showcasing contemporary art by local artists. ...

Yoga House / Fitness Clubs

12 Foundry 647.834.7859 Website
Yoga House

Yoga House is located in the Foundry Lofts along Lansdowne. With a focus on small classes, Yoga House only allows a maximum of 5 students per class. The classes include...

Zebuu / Design Stores

1265 Bloor St. W. 647.748.1265 Website

Zebuu is a light-filled, long and narrow boutique in Bloordale that sells curated home decor items from around the globe. Handcrafted by artisans in places like India and Brazil, you...

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