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Snow removal in Toronto

Snow removal in Toronto kicks in once we get our first big dump of white stuff. Whether you're responsible for clearing a segment of a path, driveway, sidewalk, or something as large as a commercial property, it's an annual routine and job that's part of life in our city.

Here is everything you need to know about snow removal in Toronto


The City of Toronto is responsible for salting and plowing roads (your tax dollars at work) but sidewalks are often the responsibility of the adjacent property. According to the city, snow and ice should be removed from the sidewalk within 12 hours of the weather clearing. Failure to do so could result in a $125 fine. Seniors and people who require assistance can apply for free sidewalk clearing.


Not everyone has the time or ability to shovel in winter, so here are 5 private snow removal options for Toronto and beyond.

Monster Plow
Monster Plowing Co. claims the lowest accumulation trigger of any Toronto companies, just 2.5 cms for all subscribers. There are no limits on the number of visits and pricing is based on a flat rate seasonal contract. The company's plows and trucks are even fitted with GPS tracking devices, which means you can spy on their progress from the comfort work.

Greenbloom Landscape Design
Greenbloom landscaping offers winter snow removal and salting among a variety of outdoor services. Prices, which range from about $300 to $1,000 per season and are capped regardless of the number of actual visits, include plowing, salting, and manual clearance of entranceways and paths. Service is activated when more then 2.5 cms of snow is on the ground.

The Snowmen
This east end snow services company covers most areas east of (and including parts of) Scarborough. A typical one-car driveway home costs $450 per season, plus $100 for pathway, step, and porch clearing. Based on 60 snowfalls a season, the price works out to about $9.16 a visit, the company says.

Clear My Snow
Serving Etobicoke and Mississauga, Clear My Snow swings into action when 5 cms of snow has accumulated on the ground and promises to arrive within 24 hours of the end of the storm. GPS tracking is available, too.

East West Snow Services
Based in Scarborough, East West specializes in the salting and plowing of commercial properties, apartment buildings, condominiums, parking lots, and other large properties (sorry, no single-unit residential buildings.) The company owns more than 65 formidable looking vehicles and uses environmentally-friendly deicing agents.


Any local hardware store or Canadian Tire will hook you up with a suitable shovel for clearing snow but for something a little more stylish (and locally designed by an OCAD student and grad) splurge on one of these Firn snow shovels by contributing $150 to their Indiegogo campaign.

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