Royal York Hotel History Toronto

A visual history of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto

The Royal York Hotel, still one of Toronto's grandest structures, is yet another example of that old adage that nothing comes without a cost.

Completed in 1929, the structure that would dominate the Toronto skyline for more than 35 years (until the TD Centre came along) actually replaced a beautiful building in its own right: the Queen's Hotel, the first parts of which were constructed all in the way back in 1844.

Both hotels were ideally situated given their proximity to both old and new Union Stations, and played host to the most important dignitaries of their days.

When the Royal York was completed in 1929, it was briefly the tallest building in the British Commonwealth until the Bank of Commerce Building went up just north of it on King Street in 1930.

The hotel still operates as its own pseudo-city. Extensive renovations in the late 1980s and early 90s would re-modernize the hotel, but as even a brief visit to the current lobby makes clear, much of the 1930s charm has been preserved.

The hotel no longer dominates the skyline as it once did, and the sign has changed a number of times over the years — almost allowing one to pick out the decades without other contextual aid — but the building still has a commanding presence from the street.

A person exiting Union Station on a foggy day, might even be transported back to the early days of the Royal York if they squint just enough.

Here's how the Royal York hotel has looked through the years.


Queen's Hotel, 1915

royal york toronto

Site of current Union Station, 1915 (Queen's Hotel in the background)

royal york toronto

Royal York Construction

royal york toronto

Looking west from Bay toward the Royal York in 1929/30

royal york toronto

Original Lobby at the Royal York, 1929

royal york toronto

Front of Royal York, 1930

royal york toronto

Royal York and skyline, 1930

royal york toronto

The Royal York on the skyline, again.

royal york toronto

Royal York, 1930

royal york toronto

Looking north at the Royal York, 1930

royal york toronto

Postcard 1941

royal york toronto

Bartenders at the Royal York, 1940s

royal york toronto

Royal York, 1950s

royal york toronto

Sewage and sanitation dinner at the Royal York, 1959

royal york toronto

Royal York ad, 1960s

royal york toronto

Skyline, 1970s

royal york toronto

The Royal York gets a pal in the form of the CN Tower, mid 1970s

royal york toronto

Royal York, 1980s

Royal York Hotel

Royal York, early 2000sroyal york toronto

The Telus Tower blocks off the Royal York from the skyline, 2010

Photos by

The Toronto Archives, unless noted. Written by Derek Flack. 

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