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Morning Brew: October 26th, 2007

Photo: "Turtle Bell" by blogTO Flickr pooler ravenswift.

Your morning news roundup for Friday October 26th, 2007:

Much like the changing skyline might suggest, the population of the Toronto downtown core is surging. Apparently we're also seeing smarter, richer, and childless (i.e. smarter) people in the core.

Police arrested cardboard boxes that robbed several GTA businesses. The shrub got away on tippy-toes.

Tax our homes, tax our cars, but for the love of fermentation, don't tax our booze any more!

In Brampton, Rogers launched a trial of the fastest wireless internet services in the country. Now if only they'd make using the mobile internet services affordable people might actually benefit.

Construction project delays have Regent Park residents, who have been relocated during the revitalization of the community housing, wondering when they'll be moving back

Despite the city's financial woes, firefighters got a pay raise. The media didn't notice because at the time we were focused on the "support our troops" sticker issue. Anyone else want a smokescreen and a raise?

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