Craigslist is Still Down in Toronto

I don't know about you, but personally I at times find myself addicted to craigslist.

But tonight I can't seem to get my fix.

Tonight I made my way to Toronto craigslist and when I clicked on the housing section I received this error:

Craigslist and many other sites are having issues at the colo facility.
Please sit tight, and try again later.
We are aware of the situation, and the happy craigslist elves are scurrying to make it better, even now.

Some quick internet surfing has indicated that there is a system-wide disappearance of craigslist, the problem is not limited to Toronto. In fact, it's not limited to craigslist either. Lots of Internet heavy-weights were down today, including Craigslist, Cnet, LiveJournal and Typepad.

The culprit seems to be a power-outage in San Francisco which affected '365 Main' an internet service provider with a lot of big-name clients. The sites may serve clients around the world, but the whole shebang is based in one place, power goes away and the whole world, including Toronto, is left jonesin'.

It would seem that craigslist service is back up in the States, but, at the time of this posting, it has yet to be revived here in the great not-so-white north. I can't seem to find anything indicating when we might have service back here in Toronto, one hopes it will be soon. **UPDATE** When I wrote this around midnight Toronto was still down, but I checked this morning and it seems like we're back up in Toronto, yay!

With that in mind, I'm sure the disappearance of Toronto craigslist means there are many questions floating around in folks' minds tonight, like; "how will I find a date for Thursday night?" "I really need someone with a pickup to help me lug stuff around, where will I find them?" "Where will I find someone to drive to Montreal with?" and of course "What the hell happened to my ad! How's anyone going to hire me / rent my apartment / date me / come to my art opening / whatever the heck else I might want them to do!?!"

Well, you could try kijiji, it might do in a pinch, or you could go to the good ol' Toronto Star Classifieds, or the classifieds at Now.

Or, you could just check the blogTO events listings for something to do to distract you from the pain of missing out on craigslist and hopefully all will be right in the world of online classifieds again soon.

photo by room929 in the blogTO flickr group

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