tokyo smoke toronto

Tokyo Smoke Assembly Chef's Hall

Tokyo smoke is a cafe that caters to coffee and weed lovers by providing drip coffees as well as smoking accessories.

As two popular activities that intrinsically seem to go hand-in-hand, Tokyo Smoke seems to have cornered a particularly profitable market.

This location, in Assembly Chef's Hall, serves up two equally tasty roasts from Pilot Coffee.

tokyo smoke toronto

You can get some of this caffeinated goodness in espressos ($3.50) to go with a sweet power ball ($3.50 for a large) from Village Juicery

tokyo smoke toronto

For more exceptional drinks, try their Smokeaccino ($5.50), which has liquid smoke added to it. Baristas like to describe the taste of this drink like having a mocha next to a campfire.

tokyo smoke torontoThe beet mint beverage ($5.50) is a cool-tasting drink made of beet root power, steamed milk, white chocolate sauce and mint extra that serves as a non-caffeinated option.

tokyo smoke toronto

Biscotti cinnamon rolls and sandwiches ($6) are served here via Forno Cultura

There's also a small selection for tea kettles with built-in steepers ($130), gooseneck Stagg kettles for pour-overs ($130) and Joey mugs from Fellow ($49).

tokyo smoke toronto

As for the smoking paraphernalia, there's a small selection, though certainly not as much as Tokyo Smoke's other locations. 

tokyo smoke toronto

Deck yourself out with a sleek Tsubota lighter ($49), card grinders ($10) to break up your product well or the very clutch Cloud Mist spray ($8), which will absorb any unwanted odours from your persons.

tokyo smoke toronto

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