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Plearn Cafe

Plearn Cafe in Toronto is bringing Asia's hottest coffee trends to the city thanks to a barista all the way from Thailand.

Plearn Cafe (which is named for a portmanteau of "play" and "learn") near Church and Gerrard was opened by Patrick Suksaen and Wassawan "Earth" Chansopa in August 2022.

plearn cafe torontoSuksaen also has a Thai restaurant called Koh Lipe in Baldwin Village, but has partnered up with Chansopa for this cafe venture.

plearn cafe toronto"Wassawan is our head barista from Thailand. He is a coffee fanatic with years of experience, specializing in specialty coffee and non-coffee beverages," Suksaen tells blogTO.

"The name Plearn (play plus learn) was derived as we are situated within the proximity of various colleges and universities, so we want to create a community that everyone can embrace, whether you are a student or not. It truly is a place where everyone can come and enjoy a simple cup of coffee and enjoy each other's company. Also, the Thai meaning of Plearn is chilling, enjoy, smooth, fun."

plearn cafe torontoAlthough it doesn't matter if you're a student or not when visiting the cafe, it is indeed patronized by lots of students and actually mostly staffed by them as well.

"Our staff are also highly trained in the process, where most are coffee connoisseur college students," says Suksaen.

plearn cafe toronto"What sets ourselves apart from any other coffee shop is the attention to detail, making sure that every cup of coffee is perfect, from the water pH level, temperature to curating the best bean options and ingredients."

plearn cafe torontoEven more than that, though, they're setting themselves apart by making Plearn a destination for trendy drinks that are blowing up in Asia but can't be found as many places here yet, like cloud lattes

plearn cafe toronto"Plearn's goal is to continue to be the trend setter in Toronto's coffee shop community," says Suksaen. "A lot of what we do already exists in various parts of Asia, so Earth's vision is to share the same experience with Toronto's third-wave coffee scene."

Their other signature drinks that go way beyond the average flat white include the Toron-ta-ro ($6.95) made with taro, purple yam, milk and marshmallow.

plearn cafe torontoThere's also the Sunny Matcha ($6.95) that combines matcha and orange juice, a Sunshine ($7.95) combining passion fruit juice and espresso and a Lychee Carno ($7.95) that puts together lychee and espresso.

plearn cafe torontoMore than just a cafe pushing the boundaries of caffeinated beverages, however, Plearn also functions as a restaurant serving a small but well-rounded food menu.

plearn cafe toronto

For smaller snacks, there are turkey summer rolls for $7.95 and truffle cheese wings for $8.95, and larger options include peanut curry chicken for $12.95.

plearn cafe toronto

The other larger items are coconut noodle pork ($12.95) and gyudon beef rice ($14.95).

plearn cafe toronto

A range of croffles is mostly sweet, with chocolate, coconut pandan and pineapple berry ($8.95) options, as well as one savoury smoked salmon option ($12.95).

plearn cafe toronto

Not to be ignored, a pastry case is packed with desserts like tarts and mousses that are just as creative and thoughtful as Plearn's colourful drinks.

If all that piques your interest, there's more to come as Suksaen says they should be continuing on to launch more seasonal menus.

plearn cafe toronto

They're also adding a patio in the warmer months where you'll be able to enjoy the sunshine...and drink it too.

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