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Nutbar Assembly Chef's Hall

Nutbar is a coffee shop with an all-organic menu and no refined sugar. Everything at this stall at the Assembly Chef's Hall is vegan.

For early risers, breakfast options include pink chia pudding bowls ($6.50) and the Omg Oats bowl ($6.50), which contains steel-cut oats, cashews, dates and sea salt.

nutbar toronto

Breads here are from Prairie Boy Bread Bakery. Double-fermented, this sourdough bread is organic and multigrain.

nutbar toronto

The avocado toast ($6.50) is served with organic avocado and comes with a seasonal radish, pink salt, and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. I found this dish a little on the bland side, enjoying it mostly because of its inevitably positive effects on my health.

nutbar torontoTo drink, Nutbar does ginger bombs ($4.50) for a strong boost to your immune system, and detox drinks ($4.75) that contain filtered water, mint chlorophyll, E3 Live – a blue-green algae brand – and lemon.

nutbar toronto

The green smoothie ($11) is a mix of seasonal greens like Romaine, Ontario apples, chlorophyll, spirulina, matcha and other superpower ingredients.

Both this Nutbar location and their original one at Summerhill carry organic milk. Lactose intolerant? For an extra fee you can add their Nutbar Nut Milk blend of almonds, cashews, and coconut milk to your coffee.

Many of their drinks like the nutbar drip ($4) and nutbar lattes ($6.25) have this milk blend mixed in already with shots from their roaster, Pilot Coffee.

nutbar toronto

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