Glad Day Bookshop Saved

Glad Day Bookshop is saved

Back in January, the fate of Glad Day Bookshop didn't look good. As an independent bookstore — a niche one, at that — Glad was plagued with a series of troubles including operating amidst the financial burden of an ongoing battle with the Ontario Film Review Board.

But new buyers have emerged to rescue Glad Day from the unknown, a move that will surely make its loyal customers...happy. As the oldest operating LGTB bookstore in the world, Glad Day has more than accrued its share of faithful supporters, and it is precisely those supporters who have risen up to take the shop off of previous owner John Scythes' hands.

The diverse group of investors have roots in the community and beyond, and they will be announcing new initiatives in the coming months to give the bookshop a boost. And while Scythes is obviously sad to leave a spot where he has held the reins for over 20 years, he's optimistic that the new buyers will give the shop a much-needed go at longevity.

"I really didn't want to see Glad Day close its doors — it has been, and continues to be, so important to so many people," Scythes said in a release. "These new investors are full of energy and ideas, including ways to use new technologies. They know that I am only a phone call away."

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