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Julia Moulden's New Radicals

Julia Moulden, a former speechwriter, and host of Toronto's New Radicals Salon, wants to show you how to save the world. Carol Goar's column in this morning's Star profiles the Torontonian author, activist, and aspiring leader of the baby-boom generation in light of her new book, We Are The New Radicals: A Manifesto for Reinventing Yourself and Saving the World.

Published by McGraw Hill earlier this year, Moulden's book tells the story of 20 successful people, who after doing well for themselves, have decided to focus their energies on doing good for the world. Moulden believes that the stories contained in the book, and their message of mid-life empowerment, can have a serious impact on everything from the environment, to food, to relationships.

In a recent blog on The Huffington Post, Moulden describes the moment the idea was born, as she looked back at her idealistic younger self, with grand ideas for transforming the world. "I realized," she writes, "that this was something profoundly different: we weren't just talking about changing the world now. We were in a position to actually do it."

It is a remarkably timely idea, and one, Moulden Hopes, that will catch on.

Read the first chapter of We Are the New Radicals here.

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