OCAD Students Launch Nano Nano 2

Starting June 24th, Toronto's Pages Books and Magazine (256 Queen St W) will begin hosting the second instalment of Nano Nano. What is Nano Nano you ask? Those of you fascinated with 1980's television and a show called Mork and Mindy, may recall it being a greeting given by Mork from Ork. In this case it's a course at Ontario College of Art and Design called Nano Publishing and the students are assigned a project that teaches them to make little indie books and artist's multiples. Once they have completed that part of the course, they also learn how to organize a show to display their work.

The show for their work is in two parts, the opening party at Babel Books (123 Ossington Avenue) is tomorrow, June 20th, from 8 PM till 10 PM and there will be an installation at Pages in the art window from June 24 till July 15. You will also be able to take home one of these amazing books, as they will be on sale at Pages.

The students who are involved in this project are beyond talented and some of the books they've made are incredible! Their books were created during an intensive six week course. The main purpose fo this was course was to educate them about independent publishing and to learn everything from major print technologies to letter press printing. Evidence of this is in their end product.

You can view and download images and get more details about the launch and the contributors by going to www.blekkenhorst.ca/nano.

photo courtesy Shannon Gerard

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