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When I was growing up I had a subscription to Chickadee, a Canadian owned and run children's magazine. I used to rip through each issue on a monthly basis until one day when I just stopped caring. Maybe my NES was more important, maybe I graduated to book reading, or maybe I was too cool to be reading a magazine called Chickadee anymore, but whatever the reason, it wasn't until a year ago that I began re-subscribing to Canadian magazines. I now subscribe to quite a few, and I have to say our country pumps out some pretty decent monthly and quarterly publications. Right now you can take advantage of a pretty good deal that will let you subscribe to three Genuine Canadian Magazines for the price of two.

Sure, blogTO probably tells you everything you could possibly want to know about the city, but two Toronto-specific magazines are offered as part of the promotion, and it's never a bad thing to diversify your sources of information. Toronto Life and Spacing are both available, and you can use your third subscription for any of a number of other magazines like CV2, Applied Arts and Burnt Toast, or better-known mags like The Walrus and The Beaver. The offer is available until March 15, 2007, so you even have time to head to your favourite Toronto bookstore and browse to pick the lucky three. Does anyone subscribe to an excellent and under-appreciated magazine? Fill in the comments section if you have any suggestions!

Image of eager magazine publishers ready to take your order from Chickadee.

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