Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Bad Dog Comedy Theatre is the product of the Bad Dog Theatre Company, an award-winning Toronto theatre company that is home to Toronto's longest running improv show, Theatresports , and professional-level in-house programming. The organization is also known for their variety of classes for youth, beginners and advanced improvisors. Located in Bloorcourt where Baltic Avenue used to be, Bad Dog Comedy Theatre is a newly renovated space for classes, shows and rentals.

Up one flight of stairs, the theatre lobby is stocked with a full bar, some seating and the box office. In addition to cocktails, the bar offers comedian-appropriate deals ($5 cans of PBR) and some light snacks. The actual theatre is located down a short hallway.

The space is intimate and well-planned with raked seating (64 seats plus ten folding chairs for extra-busy nights) that covers two sides of the stage. Compared to other comedy venues around the city, the theatre's raked seating definitely gives it a boost - small, yet important details can be missed when a large proportion of the audience can't see the performers below the waist (nothing is worse than missing a good mimed crotch joke).

Because the seats span two sides instead of going straight back, it's much easier to hear and interact (when necessary) than other longer and narrower spaces. The theatre also has a raised tech booth for lighting and sound as well as a green room for performers and a classroom space. Bad Dog Theatre Company also offers their space as an event venue to outside renters. Rates are negotiable.

The new Bad Dog Comedy Theatre is a great place to see some of Canada's best improvisors or produce your own show. The new space is intimate, comfortable and perfect for a fun night out or first date - just make sure your date is cool with PBR and mimed crotch jokes first.

Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

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Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

6 Upcoming Events
About the Event
  • January 24



    TIME: 9:30PM


    TICKETS: $10


    Join us for a live stage recording of the popular improvised podcasts ILLUSIONOID (Toronto) and MY NEIGHBORS ARE DEAD (Chicago) ft. Nug Nahrgang at Bad Dog Theatre.

    ILLUSIONOID is an improvised sci-fi podcast featuring Twilight Zone-style ant...

  • January 25

    HEY BUB, It's the official launch party for BUCKY AND FRIENDS: Scoop into Cobra!

    A brand new sketch album featuring some of the best sketch performers in the world! And we're having a party about it!

    Come by Bad Dog Theatre 9:30 on Thursday January 25 to join us for a night of sketch, improv, and stand-up to celebrate. And to sweeten that pot, admission gets you a free copy of the album!

  • January 26

    Improv inspired by CRAZY party stories, EVERYONE has one. What's YOURS?

    JANUARY 26th || 10PM

    Tickets: $10 [$5 for art workers & students]


    Matt Folliott [The Harold Experience, K$M]

    Coko Galore [Coko & Daphney, The Girls Show]

    Kyah Green [Kinsey Fail, LOL Word]

    Tom Hearn [Kinsey Fail, The Sketchersons]

    Daphney Joseph [Coko & Daphney, Les Improbables]


  • January 29

    D&D Live charges into 2018 with a Power Attack of a show! Featuring the Epic Level talent of Kiki Razzle, our heroes will face more monsters, more villains and more deadly threats to the eerily familiar Realm of T'Rannah! So come, raise a tankard of ale and take up the 20-sided Die of Power to roll for glory and victory!

    D&D Live is:

    Conor Bradbury as RONOC the Necromancer

    Liz Johnston...

  • February 1 - May 3

    The Lusty Mannequins monthly comedy hour. On the 1st Thursday of each month, at 8PM, 4 actors (Alastair Forbes Ashley Comeau Karen Parker and Connor Thompson - all Second City Mainstage alumni!) perform live comedy Bad Dog Theatre Company!

    With a penchant for mischief, a love of physicality and emotionally-driven cerebral comedy, you're in for a right treat as they take you on comedic journeys!

  • February 3 - March 31

    Bad Dog's flagship show, Theatresports, has been making Toronto audiences laugh for over 35 years. Theatresports mixes the thrill of improv with the energy of a sporting event, putting you in the middle of the side-splitting scenes.

    Performing shortform games (like the kind you see on Whose Line is It Anyway?) this hilarious show pits two all-star teams against each other. They go head-to-he...

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