salvador dali toronto

This Toronto exhibit presents Salvador Dali like you've never seen him before

The Divina Dalí exhibit arrived in Toronto from Montreal this month, so I decided to dive into this strange and beautiful immersive show before it hits the road again later this summer.

The exhibition features over 100 works by eccentric genius, Salvador Dalí, but not in the way you'd expect. 

salvador dali toronto

Divina Dalí is an immersive interpretation of one of Dalí's lesser known bodies of work which was commissioned to celebrate the 700th birthday of another cultural icon: The Italian poet, Dante Alighieri.  

salvador dali torontoDante's epic, The Divine Comedy, is a famous poetic masterpiece in which he tells the story of himself, journeying through the layers of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise.

This interpretation by Dalí take you along for that ride.

While Dalí is best known in pop culture for his iconic and recognizable 1931 surrealist painting, The Persistence of Memory, or perhaps his antics, taking his pet anteater for walks on the streets of Paris, this show exhibits a more reflective side of the Spanish master.

salvador dali torontoThe collection includes 101 watercolour paintings and drawings, one for each 'canto' or section of Dante's poem.  

Dalí's interpretations are rich with his vivid imagery and signature, surrealist style.

salvador dali torontoDalí began working on this series around 1950 and eventually even created a sculpture of Dante himself in 1964.  That sculpture has never been seen before in North America until this exhibit.

As visitors make their way through the space, the immersive experience is divided into three sections: the inferno, purgatory, and paradise. 

salvador dali torontoEach of the three worlds transports you with its own sounds, atmosphere and artwork.

As you might expect, the inferno is dark and moody, purgatory strange and uneasy and, naturally, paradise is bright and colourful in it's own Dalí-esque way.

As with most immersive shows these days, there are also large murals and 3D installations where you can take photos or just get lost in the feeling of each world. 

salvador dali torontoThe Divina Dalí exhibit is on now at the spectacular Brookfield Place on Bay Street and has been extended to run through to June 25th.

salvador dali toronto

You can easily book tickets online so don't miss your chance to see these masterpieces on tour and immerse yourself in the one-of-a-kind imagination of Salvador Dalí.   

Photos by

Fareen Karim

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