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This intersection is set to become Toronto's next best photo-op

A new condo in the Junction is giving the neighbourhood its own version of the Hollywood sign. 

After a six-year approval process, the condo, aptly named, Junction House, will finally debut a 40-foot long hot pink sign that will shine over the symbolic entrance to the neighbourhood.

"Where that site is located is an important view terminus," says Brandon Donnelly, a developer connected to the project, "You're coming northwest on Dundas or east from Annette, sort of going through the junction on that side. This was a super unique vantage point that we wanted to take advantage of." 

Similar to the Kensington sign which was added to Kensington Market's skyline in 2016, the goal here was to pay homage to the historic roots of the Junction neighbourhood, all while modernizing the area's branding in a similar fashion to other major cities.

In their application, the development team proposed a neon sign that include the project's entire name, Junction House.

junction neon sign

After push-back from officials, the team opted to remove the "House" from the end. 

"I think that it's going to become part of the neighbourhood and that no one is going to want to take it down," remarked Donnelly. "This building is going to be here for the foreseeable future, and hopefully so is this sign."

The decision was also made to have the neon pink sign styled like a classic neon sign but made of more energy-efficient LED.

Donnelly happily reported on his Twitter that the new sign was on a timer this week and that an evening illumination schedule should be in place soon.

In order to adhere to city by-laws, the sign will cast its moody glow over the neighbourhood between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

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