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Over a hundred rabbits are hidden along this trail in Toronto

Over 100 rabbits are now hidden along a certain trail in Toronto, and you can only find them if you know where to look.

The mysterious project 101 Bunny Hop has appeared along the Toronto West Railpath between Dundas and Dupont, a series of 101 artistically rendered bunnies pasted in various secret spots along the path.

People walking along the trail are encouraged to try and spy all 101 of them, and you can even connect with others in your quest using the hashtag #101bunnyhop on social media.

"Do The Hop!" reads an old timey pasteup poster also found along the path.

"Find the bunnies, one by one, don't give up, it's lots of fun! Along this path, one hundred & one." The poster also has the hashtag so people know how to participate in the hunt.

"I came across a few of the pasteup bunnies last weekend along the West Toronto Railpath, and found a couple of posters about the 101 Bunny Hop at different spots along the trail at Wallace and Dundas," independent photojournalist Martin Reis tells blogTO.

When he realized there really were 101 rabbits to find, he made it his mission to locate all of them.

"Some were harder to find than others, but hunting for them sure made me forget about all my day-to-day worries for a few hours," says Reis.

All of the rabbits are numbered so you can keep track and make sure you found them all, and photos of every single one on their social media profiles provide enough of a background to hint at where they might be.

If you find you need some motivation to get outside and moving as the days get shorter and colder, this adorable trail of hidden bunnies might be just whimsical enough to get you hopping and skipping along.

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101 Bunny Hop

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