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Comedian cancelled by Massey Hall sells out two Toronto shows at a bigger venue

Massey Hall has yet to open its doors back up to the public after three years under construction, but there's already controversy surrounding cancelling a comedian's show at the venue.

Andrew Schulz, an American comedian, is going on tour across North America next year and originally was supposed to perform at Massey Hall in Toronto.

But Massey Hall backed out, according to Schultz, forcing the comedian and his team to scramble to find a new venue.

In a video Schulz tweeted out earlier this week he explained the situation.

"Massey Hall hit me up a few weeks ago and they said 'Hey we have to cancel your shows! ..we looked you up and you tell inappropriate jokes! We no longer want inappropriate jokes on our stage so we have to cancel your shows," says Shulz in the video.

Schulz tells blogTO that his team received the notice from Massey Hall only a week before tickets went on sale. Meridian Hall was available but Schulz and his team had some hesitation since it's a much bigger venue.

But then tickets for his first show at Meridian Hall sold out in seven minutes and the second show sold out within an hour. A third night is now planned as well.

"I don’t want to do venues that censor comedy," Schulz wrote in a tweet announcing tickets for his third night in Toronto.

Fans have reacted to the controversy and are clearly showing up to support the comedian.

Some fans even bashed Massey Hall for backing out of the shows.

Massey Hall has not responded to blogTO's request for comment.

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Comedian cancelled by Massey Hall sells out two Toronto shows at a bigger venue