margaret atwood yearbook

This is what Margaret Atwood was like in high school

Famous Canadian author Margaret Atwood knew she was going to be a writer, as early as her high school days. 

A yearbook from Leaside High School shows a photo of Atwood taken in her senior year, between 1956 to 1957, when the author was referred to as "Peggy" by her classmates. 

Not surprising, the yearbook suggests Atwood was a straight-A student when it came to English class.

Atwood was known for doing Halloween Hop announcements at school and for writing her own singing commercial for the Reindeer Romp, which seems like a Christmas event that happened at the school. 

margaret atwood yearbook

Margaret Atwood (front row, far left) pictured with the other scholarship winners in her senior year 1956-1957. Photo by: Clan Call Yearbook 

At graduation, Atwood won the Flavelle Memorial Scholarship, and a few others, including the Kiwanis Club Citizenship Scholarship and the English subject prize. 

Before leaving high school, Atwood had a goal of writing "THE Canadian Novel", she went on to get her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.

Atwood's goal came to reality when she published "The Edible Woman" in 1969, the first book to prove her legendary status as an author.

Lead photo by

Clan Call Yearbook (1967-1957 edition)

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