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Toronto neighbourhood has just been lit up with a giant illuminated sea shell

The Distillery District in Toronto has got some new attractions that are giving off day at the beach vibes.

The giant seashell art piece gives off these beach memories because that was actually their intended purpose. Originally meant to be installed along on a beach, a change of plans turned them into a feature for the new-look Winter Stations which is taking place in different neighbourhoods this year.

It's one of four different exhibits that will be on display until June. Named The Epitonium it's said to symbolise how nature can serve as inspiration and shelter.

Other exhibits are just as spectacular, including the giant pastel archway out of Austria and the UK named ARc de Blob that seems like something out of a fantasy novel and Germany's THROBBER, a giant collection of pastel boxes.

This year's theme of refuge asked participants to reflect on the ongoing pandemic and consider what refuge means to each of us. The meaning clearly comes across in each piece, offering a place to hide in a visually beautiful container.

It's no secret that Toronto loves an exhibit that lights up, whether it's the city's sign or the CN Tower itself.

The giant glowing seashell, and the other exhibits around it are sure to shine bright for the rest of Spring.

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