ice sculptures toronto

6-year-old artist draws crowds in Toronto with ice sculptures created with mom and brother

Standing tall and colourful and looking very Dr Seuss-like, the ice sculptures outside of the Hendershots' front lawn have been drawing people to the Beaches neighbourhood for the past two weeks.

"Yesterday it was just a steady stream of people coming up the streets, taking pictures and commenting on them, my kids are loving it," Sarah Hendershot told blogTO. "It's kind of funny that it's creating some fanfare."

ice sculptures toronto

Emery posing with her older brother, Cameron near the ice sculptures. 

Created by Hendershot with her two kids, Cameron, nine, and Emery, six, the pretty sculptures were originally meant as a surprise for Emery.

"Because I was working, I've been sending her to my parents' house so that they could help her with virtual school," Hendershot says. "She wasn't too happy about that so we were thinking of ways we could cheer her up."

ice sculptures toronto

The sculptures were made out of water and food colouring. 

When Emery got home before they were able to completely freeze, she joined in on the project and Hendershot credits her as the "artist behind it all."

"She came home and said, 'We have to make more.' We then dumped out all of the toy bins and every plastic bin we had in the house was filled with water and food colouring," says Hendershot.

"She took a simple idea and made it epic."

The sculptures were also going to go in the backyard but Hendershot says Emery insisted they go in the front for everybody to see.

ice sculptures toronto

The ice sculptures were meant to be a surprise for Emery. 

Since they were created, others on the street have been inspired to also get a little creative, with one neighbour creating a colourful igloo out of ice on their lawn. 

"The family was walking up the street one day and commented on the sculptures as we were building them and said they wanted to do something similar. They started theirs shortly after ours using lasagna trays with water and food colouring," Hendershot says. 

"Emery loves the idea of an igloo and wants to try it next year, but with her own twist. She's already started planning how we are going to do it, and colours she wants to use." 

ice sculptures toronto

An ice igloo was created on the same street. 

And it's not just those on the street who have been admiring the pillars of ice that are now collecting icicles and taking on interesting shapes.

"They've been up for two weeks, and still every once in a while a passerby comes," Hendershot says."I asked [Emery] what she thought about all the excitement and she said 'It's like they've never seen ice before.'" 

Photos by

Sarah Hendershot

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