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Man in Toronto does gravity-defying dance routine on the TTC

Toronto's TTC has its fair share of buskers, and if you've ever been on the New York City subway you've probably seen some pretty impressive performances — but the latest dance routine filmed on our transit is downright gravity-defying.

Zandy Sunga says he's by no means a one take wonder when it comes to the video he posted on Instagram captioned "Warden to Kennedy Vines," but instead has put a lot of long hours into perfecting his athleticism.

"Took a good amount of attempts to get the shot just right but we got it. I do dance and calisthenics and will be making more videos along with parkour with it," Sunga told blogTO.

"What inspired me to make this video was that I wanted to expose calisthenic free styling to Toronto. I strictly represent Scarborough, I love Toronto but just east of it is where I stand. I also wanted to bring in some NYC subway entertainment culture like @kidthewiz with a mix of calisthenics and parkour."

Sunga has @barvibecrew and @jednorthmove tagged in his Instagram bio, other accounts where you can see examples of his off-the-wall (literally) style of calisthenics and bar gymnastics.

"I started off with just normal sports like basketball and soccer, then I got into bodybuilding. I got tired of just lifting weights so along with bodybuilding I started doing some parkour at the age of 13 inspired by the game Assassin's Creed," Sunga said with a laugh.

"I was exposed to calisthenic freestyling not too long ago around mid 2020 and I fell in love with the sport. Now I want to expose it more into the city with my own sauce and do it all around The Six. I am definitely going to be making many many videos just like this but even better."

If you can't wait to see more eye-popping videos just like this one, give Zandy a follow on Instagram @zaanndyyyy to see where he'll be pulling off his zany moves next.

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Zandy Sunga

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