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Netflix series Big Mouth called the Toronto Harbourfront the sexiest place in Canada

If you've been keeping up with Nick Kroll's beloved and hilarious Netflix series Big Mouth, you probably noticed that Toronto was given quite the shoutout in the new season. 

The animated show follows the outrageous lives of a group of preteens going through puberty, and it never fails to highlight all the trials and tribulations that come with it.

Season three was released less than a week ago (it has 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes), and fans are already are impressed by the important issues it addresses while still being achingly hilarious. 

One of the main plotlines of the new season follows Jay Bilzerian, voiced by Jason Mantzoukas, a hyperactive boy attempting to discover and understand his sexuality. 

In episode three, titled Cellsea, Jay continues his journey by watching a fictional Netflix show called Gordie's Journey, which tells the (ridiculous) story of a Canadian moose massage therapist who quits his job and leaves his wife to become a magician and explore his sexuality.

Gordie's Journey plays off of some classic Canadian tropes, poking fun at the loonie and using an extremely exaggerated accent.

Then, near the end of the episode, Gordie offers to teach Jay all that he's learned about his sexuality. 

"I've learned heeps about the spectrum of sexuality. Let me tell you all about it in the sexiest place in Canada," Gordie says to Jay. 

"Justin Trudeau's underpants?," Jay asks in response.

"Nope," Gordie replies. "The Toronto Harbourfront after all!"

The characters then proceed to break out into a musical number about the spectrum of sexuality while dancing at the Harbourfront, and at one point someone can even be spotted sporting a Maple Leafs jersey. 

Toronto residents seem to think the Harbourfront was a hilarious location choice, and understandably so. 

And some are saying the spot is perfect for a song about sexual diversity, as Toronto is a city where many feel totally comfortable being their authentic selves. 

Big Mouth's animated version of the Harbourfront is missing a few of the city's skyscrapers, but some seem to think leaving them out was the right decision. 

And though some are saying the Toronto Harbourfront isn't actually as magical as the show makes it out to be, others think the scene is spot-on. But you'll have to actually watch the episode to see for yourself.

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