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Someone in Toronto carved all 151 original Pokemon into pumpkins

It's days like today I resent how casually the term "winning Halloween" is thrown around the internet. If everybody wins Halloween, then nobody wins Halloween — and Adrian Kieda deserves better than that.

The Toronto-based animator and content developer is blowing up Reddit right now with photos of his painstakingly-carved, 2018 jack-o'-lanterns — all 151 of them.

"Spent the last 6 days carving all 151 Original Pokémon!" he wrote in the caption of an image shared to r/toronto and then r/pokemon late Wednesday afternoon. "Lighting them up on Tarragona Blvd tonight!"

Spent the last 6 days carving all 151 Original Pokémon!! :D Lighting them up on Tarragona Blvd Tn! from r/toronto

True to his word, Kieda lit up every single one of his pump-ké-mon (even the water types!) for all who walked past his Stockyards District home to enjoy.

Trainers from all over the world are now geeking out over the feat online. Nearly 20,000 people have upvoted the post in Reddit's r/pokemon sub over the past 10 hours alone, and word is travelling faster than Electrode (you know, the electric type with the highest speed stat).

I mean, this guy expertly carved 151 pumpkins (152, including Missingno) in less than a week. He is clearly both a talented artist and a true Pokémon master. Check out the detail on those Eeveelutions:

Kieda noted on Reddit that, while the project started as a joke, it was something he'd always wanted to do.

Still, gutting and carving all of those pumpkins was taxing on the arms, not to mention costly. Not only did he take off work for the project, he had to buy and transport a heck ton of pumpkins.

"Got an awesome deal from a farm at $175 for all of them!" said the artist. "Still so much money for the most temporary thing."

Tangela, Alakazam, Poliwhirl and Poliwrath were especially difficult to carve, Kieda said, due to their intricate details.

"My arms are TOAST! My right thumb especially may or not be broken," he noted. "Like, I struggled to zip a jacket up today."

At least he can say that he truly won Halloween. That he is the very best, like no one ever was. That he taught us all to understand the power that's inside. Etcetera.

Spent 6 days carving all 151 Originals :O from r/pokemon

Now that Halloween is over, Kieda might bring his masterpieces over to Sorauren Park for tonight's annual pumpkin parade — if the squirrels and raccoons don't destroy them first.  

Fortunately, he took individual photos of every one for posterity's sake. He plans on publishing them in the near future.

"Currently working on editing them all to the Pokémon rap," he revealed on Reddit, to which I quietly whispered "At least one hundred and fifty or more to see... to be a Pokemon master is your destiny!"

Lead photo by

Adrian Kieda

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