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It now takes a song and movie to rent an apartment in Toronto

Coming this June to an apartment building near you: Huy Do, hopefully.

The 27-year-old business analyst is currently looking for his own place in the downtown core after growing tired of living with four roomates in a two-bedroom condo at CityPlace.

He's the perfect tenant in nearly ever way, with a steady job, a quiet lifestyle, zero bad habits and a 12-year record of paying his rent on time (if not four months early.)

Unfortunately, his budget is set at $1,300 a month – which makes all of the above pretty much moot in today's cut-throat rental market, where the average price of a one-bedroom rental hit $2,000 a few months ago.

There's something to be said for a renter who's tidy, reliable, respectful and without pets, though.

Heck, some landlords might even drop the price a bit to snag someone hassle-free – which is why Do is marketing himself widely online right now as "the quietest and cleanest tenant in Toronto!"

Do released his own mock movie poster and song last week as part of his quest to secure a new place by June of this year.

The song, a cover of "Closer," by the Chainsmokers, features Do singing about what he's looking for and the many qualities that make him an ideal renter.

"I'm looking for a condo in the centre of Toronto," he sings. "$1,300, can afford, please don't try to up the cost though. Got no pets, don't need it furnished, got a job, I'm working full, in the end it's all I want, so I just really want a condo."

The corresponding film poster is equally funny and creative, with quotes from Do's friends displayed proudly under "awards" for "never parties," "very likeable" and "can pay by any method."

Do released the poster on Thursday via Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Kijiji, but it has since grown legs of its own, earning the hopeful tenant press coverage and thousands of shares across different social media networks.

While he's had some critics pan the price, like one Reddit user who said they’d rent him their bathroom for $1,300, he’s also seeing some success.

Do told Metro that around 20 landlords had reached out to him as of last Friday, though he has yet to secure a place within his price range.

I, for one, wish him the very best luck in finding that white whale of a $1,300 condo downtown this year. If anyone can do it, Huy Do can.

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Huy Do

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