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Someone is using tiny houses to show Toronto's unaffordability

A listing for an adorable one-bedroom apartment in The Junction has renters in Toronto freaking the heck out right now – and with good reason. 

Have you ever seen an above-ground rental unit go for $800 a month in this city? Let alone an apartment with *gasp* an actual bedroom? 

Local artist Anita Bonfini recently listed what seems like the only affordable-yet-decent apartment to hit Craigslist Toronto in... maybe ever.

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At 900 square inches, it's literally too good to be true. As in you can't actually live there unless you're the size of a bumble bee.

"I've had hundreds of people respond inquiring about the space with only a handful realizing it's actually a miniature," said Bonfini by email on Friday.

"The range of reactions has been pretty extreme," she said, "from one person emailing me telling me he's Wayne (from Honey I Shrunk the Kids) to people telling me I'm cruel and that I should go f**k myself."

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So, the home doesn't exist as an actual rental property for humans – but it does exist. 

Bonfini, a talented miniatures artist, designed, built and decorated the entire house herself – and she didn't do it for the purpose of trolling hopeful tenants.

"I posted the ad on Craigslist to sort of put a spotlight on the lack of affordable housing in the city," she wrote. "I was interested in seeing people's reactions."

#miniature #wip #buildingtinycommunities

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She couldn't have launched it at a better time. Earlier this week, Toronto was crowned the most expensive rental market in Canada after surpassing Vancouver in a race that nobody wants to win.

The average price of a one-bedroom rental in the city surpassed $2,000 a month only four months ago, and market analysts say it could be closer to $2,200 as we kick off 2018.

The situation is bad – which is likely why Bonfini has been inundated with inquiries and impolite responses.

Installing more tiny baseboards! #miniature #wip #buildingtinycommunities

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Some very optimistic Craigslist apartment hunters still can't believe that the photos are of a mini house (as opposed to an actual place that's for rent in one of Toronto's hottest neighbourhoods for $800 a month).

If you're one of them, you can find proof on an Instagram account set up to document the home's construction beginning all the way back in May of 2017.

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