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Mysterious concrete sculptures surface in Toronto's Don Valley

Toronto's newest super park just got some semi-permanent, stone-based residents of the creepy but cool variety.

Saturday marked the launch of the Don River Valley Park Art Program – a curated series of temporary public artworks taking place along the Don River."

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Artist Duane Linklater was tapped to initiate the program with his 14-piece cast concrete sculpture series Monsters for Beauty, Permanence and Individuality.

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Linklater's "monsters" are actually cast replicas of gargoyles that adorn prominent buildings around the city. They're meant to inspire reflection upon Toronto’s history in terms of development, settlement, and changes made to our natural environment.

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"The gargoyle as an icon communicates power and authority; it is a protector of a certain kind of colonial space," reads the project's description.

"Linklater’s gargoyle sculptures focus attention on the Lower Don’s role in Toronto’s industrialization, while sparking a larger conversation regarding ongoing Indigenous and colonial occupation of the city."

The sculptures are part of a long-term installation, according to the park's website, so don't worry if you've only seen pictures online.

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You've got some time to take your own. The monsters await you by The Don.

Lead photo by

Catriona Jeffries 

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