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Meet the photographer behind this stunning Toronto Instagram feed

Toronto-based photographer Sanjay Chauhan thinks Ontario is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, especially during the fall. That's why he's used his Instagram feed, and his spare time, to highlight it and the city he loves.

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Chauhan, who works as an architectural designer, got more serious about Instagram after attending an Insta meetup at Nuit Blanche in 2013. Since then, he's made good friends through Toronto's Instagram community and has helped organize well-known Global Meet events in the city.

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However, he says these types of meetups aren't as popular anymore; instead, Instagrammers direct message each other and make plans to shoot together there.

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Just as the community's evolved, so too has Chauhan's feed @jayeffex. So far, he's amassed 27,000 followers. And lately he's switched from documenting the city to focussing more on the great outdoors - though Toronto's still a big player on his account.

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"When it comes to landscape, a lot of people, they prefer to go to the Pacific North West or Alberta," he says. "The thing about Ontario is it’s landscape I feel is very under-appreciated and underrated."

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Last year, he traveled all across the province, including to places like Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay. His favourite spot so far is Aubrey Falls, even though two bears approached his tent while he was camping there with a friend.

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"The whole goal of my trips are just to showcase what Ontario has to offer," he says.

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He really got started with landscape photography after he posted a fall photo from the Kortright Centre in Vaughan last year.

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Along with his own feed, he also runs the account @imagesofcanada, which has more than 160,000 followers. On it, he curates it and reposts stunning photos of Canada.

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Here at home, he continues to shoot the city and features lots of shots from the Financial District, as well as more secluded, natural spots like the Scarborough Bluffs. Thanks to his architectural profession, he appreciates the urban landscape.

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And regardless of where his photography takes him, it lets him be creative outside of his nine-to-five. “It’s something that I do outside of my career, and I find it so fulfilling and satisfying.”

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Sanjay Chauhan

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