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Instagram star captures the grace of Toronto at dawn

Jazz Brar, or @jazzy.vibes, is always chasing the early morning light. He describes himself as an early riser and strives to capture the city "before the chaos roles in," he says.

A photo posted by Jazz Brar (@jazzy.vibes) on

A photo posted by Jazz Brar (@jazzy.vibes) on

Brar got his start as the yearbook photographer at his high school. He travelled after graduating and then started shooting weddings. His professional photography career snowballed from there.

A photo posted by Jazz Brar (@jazzy.vibes) on

He moved to Toronto from Mississauga about five years ago and was inspired to shoot the city's architecture and skyline. He lives downtown and used to see others with cameras walking around the Financial District.

A photo posted by Jazz Brar (@jazzy.vibes) on

"I’d drive by and think, 'what is this guy taking photos of?' And then you start seeing these great photos online and these beautiful images and you’re like wow," he says.

A photo posted by Jazz Brar (@jazzy.vibes) on

Now he's drawing awe through his Instagram feed, which has more than 30,000 followers. He got started on the social media platform between two and three years ago, but didn't take it seriously at first - he really only used it for the odd food photo.

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But fast forward, and he's now using it as a valuable networking tool to meet like-minded photographers who have become his friends. He often shoots with others in the city and says they go out with their cameras for a few hours and then head for dinner and drinks.

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“Instagram’s such a small and tight community," he says of the Toronto Insta crew. "We live in a very friendly city," he continues."So when you see someone with a camera it’s easy to approach that person when you have a camera in your hand."

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Since he lives in the core that's where he usually shoots, but depending on the weather, he'll also venture to other parts of the city.

A photo posted by Jazz Brar (@jazzy.vibes) on

As for post-production, he doesn't edit his photos too much. “I keep the originality of the photo, that's not to say I have anything against photos that are manipulated or photoshopped," he says. "My style personally is I always try to keep them as real as possible.”

A photo posted by Jazz Brar (@jazzy.vibes) on

And while he shoots weddings, engagements and corporate events for his day job, those photos don't usually end up on his feed - probably because it's reserved for capturing Toronto.

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