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5 places to check out graffiti and street art in Toronto

Graffiti and street art in Toronto dazzles with colourful displays that range from political statements to stylized portraits. From awe-inspiring murals to masterfully-crafted tags, these works will have you rethinking what belongs in the AGO. Free to visit and varying in style, all these spots are well worth a visit.

Here are my picks for the top places to see graffiti and street art in Toronto.

Underpass Park
Underpass Park offers up a little something different with it's painted pillars under the DVP. Many were created during the The Live Arts Festival and feature everything from boldly-coloured totem pole murals to enormous faces. Who's responsible? A host of renown artists including Peru, Denial, Birdo and more.

queen west graffiti alley

Graffiti alley
An obvious choice, Graffiti Alley is the most renown place in the city if you're on the hunt for some masterfully-crafted street art. A popular choice for everything from engagement photos to Instagram pics, this Queen West spot doesn't disappoint.

Keele Wall

Keele Wall
Tucked away at the back of a Midas auto body shop, not too far from Keele station, you'll find a smattering of the city's finest street art. The mural features tags as well as a backdrop of trees and a massive owl swooping in. Artists involved in the project included Sensr, Rons, Kane, Kwest, Jarus and Sight. You can check out a video of the project here.

ossington laneway

Ossington Laneway
Located just west of the corner of Queen and Ossington you'll find another graffiti hub, aptly named the Ossington Laneway. When locals became distraught about their garages being plastered with tags, they remedied the situation by calling upon muralists to makeover the space. With the help of the Cross Fit Graffiti Art Program, Mediah, Elicser Elliott, SKAM, and more, made over the space.

The Reclamation Project Toronto

The Reclamation Project
It would be downright criminal if we didn't include the country's largest graffiti mural on the list. The Reclamation Project fills out a stretch of the Metrolinx rail corridor with the art of over 50 artists. If you want to see a large range of styles, this is the best place to go in the city (and probably the country).

What did I miss? Add your favourite place in the city to see graffiti to the comments section.

Photos by Natta Summerky, Scott Snider, Lisa D, Ashton Pal, Kristupha in the blogTO Flickr pool.

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