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The top 10 Toronto comedians to follow on Twitter

If brevity is the soul of wit, then Twitter is made for comedy. Fortunately, Toronto is flush with funny people who make a point of consistently throwing out 140 character punchlines and making the most of their micro-blogs. They also write and act for television, perform in sketch troupes and work the stand-up circuit. If you could use a daily dose of funny, follow these accounts and be prepared to actually laugh-out-loud.

Here are my picks for the top 10 Toronto comedians to follow on Twitter.

Steph Tolev @StephTolev
Steph Tolev was nominated for two Canadian Comedy Awards in 2014 - one for her sketch duo, Ladystache, and another for Best Female Stand-Up. Her Twitter feed is a stream of shameless personal sharing.

Chris Locke @chrislockefun
Chris Locke got the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Male Stand-Up in 2014. He hosts a weekly podcast called Utopia To Me, and his album, The World Is Embarrassing is available on iTunes. His Twitter leans towards the philosophical - a mix of unanswered questions, musings about his cat, and personal reflection.

Matt O'Brien @matt_obrien
Matt O'Brien has been hosting a late-night talk show on the TTC since 2013, and hosts the ReHash Podcast on iTunes where comedians talk about their Twitter habits (great idea). He was nominated for Best Breakout Artist at the Canadian Comedy Awards last year. Have a towel handy while tracing his timeline because whatever you're drinking will probably come out your nose.

Anne T. Donahue @annetdonadue
Anne T. Donahue is a comedian, music editor for Rookie Mag, and writes/has written for every website on the internet. If you like, you may also subscribe to her newsletter. Follow her Twitter feed as she lampoons pop-culture better than any late-night host living or dead.

Rebecca Kohler @becca_kohler
Rebecca Kohler has been a featured stand-up from coast-to-coast and consistently ranks amongst the best in Toronto. She got a 2014 Canadian Comedy Award nomination for Best Female Stand-Up, and she recently penned this very honest review of Bill Cosby's performance in Hamilton. Her Twitter feed combines biting sarcasm with charming self-deprecation.

Mark Little @markmarklittle
Originally from the west coast, Mark Little moved to Halifax in 2006 where he was voted Best Comic four years running. He's a founding member of sketch troupe Picnicface, and stars in the CTV digital series Space Riders. He now splits his time between Toronto and L.A. while splitting sides on Twitter.

Jon Blair @okjonblair
Jon Blair is one half of WILDCATS creating sketches for YouTube, and is a regular fixture at Rapp Battelz. He currently splits his time between Toronto and Halifax where he writes for This Hour Has 22 Minutes. I've learned all this by obsessively stalking his Twitter timeline, and so should you.

Pat Thornton @patthornton
Writer, actor, stand-up and sketch comedian Pat Thornton is currently a cast member on CityTV's Sunnyside. His epic series of tweets about Toronto construction got some attention this summer, otherwise he's often retweeting Mario Lopez.

Monica Heisey @monicaheisey
Monica Heisey's is a writer who's work has appeared in Vice, Gawker, noisey and many more. She'll be releasing her first book, I Can't Believe It's Not Better this Spring. Her pensive, self-reflective tweets are comedy gold.

Sara Hennessey @sara_hennessey
Sara Hennessey got the 2013 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Female Stand-Up comic, and she's also been nominated for her web series, Goodbye Sara Hennessey; and the short film, Secret Clubhouse. She's a member of Laugh Sabbath and one-half of the duo, Terrific Women.

Who did I miss? Let us know your favourite Toronto comedians on Twitter in the comments.

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