Nuit Blanche extended

10 Nuit Blanche exhibits on extended display in Toronto

Nuit Blanche 2014 may be yesterday's hangover, but this year's lineup included several projects slated for extended display around Toronto. Take note shy people, misanthropes, or anyone who had to work late on Saturday night: while you may have missed the bulk of Nuit Blanche, you still have time to see a handful of what were arguably the most impressive installations, including the laser beams reaching up to the CN Tower and a convenient screaming booth.

If all these sound underwhelming, you might not hate crowds - you might just hate Nuit Blanche. For everyone else, here are ten exhibits you can check out over the next week.

Global Rainbow
Yvette Mattern (New York / Berlin)'s light installation was hard to miss, at least from certain angles. Her laser rainbow beaming from Chinatown to the CN Tower will be lighting up Toronto until October 13 (after dark, naturally). Make a real wish on a synthetic rainbow, but beware the TTC Leprechaun at the other end.

Screaming Booth
City dwellers often develop romantic notions about simpler locales - countrysides whose residents go around in fields and hilltops screaming just because they can. I haven't observed this in my rural adventures, but the sentiment is likely more important here. Frustrated? Madly in love? Terrified of the future? All of the above? One handy screaming booth by Ch茅lanie Beaudin-Quintin (Montreal) will be at Nathan Phillips Square until October 13, for all your pre-election anxiety.

Made in China
This Chinatown exhibit by Maria Ezcurra (Montreal / Mexico City) was a popular exhibit on Saturday night (Olivia Chow is a fan) - colourful, eye catching, and with an easy-to-digest message, this impressive wall of Goodwill donated, made-in-China clothing is on show until October 13 at 287 Spadina Avenue.

Silent Rise
This ladder installation by Glenda Le贸n (Havana) was a head scratcher for some on Saturday, but the music notation-themed stairway to the sky is a must-hit for Led Zeppelin fans who forgot Nuit Blanche. You have until October 13 to see it at Campbell House Museum.

Open Mind
Another maze, or just a place to think? Yoan Capote (Pinar del Rio)'s walkable sculpture in the shape of a brain at Canoe Landing Park will be a great place to ponder essential questions like was that thing I saw at Nuit Blanche art?, What even is art?, Where would art be without the invention of language?, Is it unfair that everyone else had to wait in line for these? And so forth up to October 13.

Big Top Grand Stand
Why are artists obsessed with the circus? Most of us who dream of running away and becoming big name jugglers on the carnival circuit gave those fantasies up the first time a real carnie at the Ex flicked a cigarette our way. SuttonBeresCuller (Seattle) were never so unlucky, and the group's humungous and colourful homage to all things circus tops a 16' flatbed trailer until October 13 at Clarence Square Park. Don't mistake it for a food truck on your lunch break.

More extended official Nuit Blanche exhibits

  • Good News (until Oct 13, Toronto Public Library, Fort York Branch)
  • Ascendent Line (until Oct 13, Fort York National Historic Site)
  • Melting Point (until Oct 13, Fort York National Historic Site)
  • 8th Wonder (until Oct 13, Union Station)

Photo of Made in China by Matt Forsythe

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